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Not Necessarily cancer free like I thought

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So today I had an appointment with both my surgeon and my Endo. The surgeon informed me that during my nuclear scan there was some uptake of RAI in my lymph nodes on my left side. I only had some on the right side removed during surgery. I told him I wasn't aware of that since the nurse from my Endo had called me and told me my scan was "clean". So I was a little surprised at that. I asked my Endo about it and he said that it's a "normal" thing that can happen after a TT and RAI and to not worry about it unless it shows up again when I'm scanned in another year (which will be April since that's when I had my other scan). I'm a little concerned about waiting that long for another scan and of course I'm not thinking positive since there was a 95% chance I didn't have cancer in the first place and I also had cancer in some of the lymph nodes that they removed from the right side. I see him again in 4 months, which will be 6 months after my scan. Do you think I should ask for a scan sooner? I know ThyCa is slow moving but to have to live with not knowing for another 10 months is a lot of stress on me!

On a good note....my TSH was still high at 13 so he increased my Levothyroxine from 150 mcg's to 200 mcg's. He said he was suprised the 150 hadn't worked yet but it did lower it slightly. So here's hoping that the 200 works and kicks in real fast!


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The nurses are not allowed to tell you very much. I know it's bull.... but they usually wait to tell you the details when the doctor see's you. I think it's good that the Lymph nodes took up the RAI because they usually don't. This means that the RAI worked. RAI keeps working for up to six months killing off Thyroid cells. Also, just because the nodes took up the RAI doesn't mean that they were cancerous, just had a bit of Thyroid cells surrounding them. The great news is that nothing showed up in your lungs, around the collar bone area or in the head.

Maybe not another scan but definitely Sonograms to keep an eye on those nodes. Maybe biopsies if they grow at all.

You will notice a difference after about two weeks on the new dose. It takes that long for the T4 to covert to TSH. Remember to take it on an empty stomach with at least six ounces of water and wait at least forty-five minutes before you eat. You get the most bang for your buck, so to speak ;)

Don't worry, live your life and be happy with each and every day. You are such a good spirit and have a great attitude. I know you are going to be fine.


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