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"50 pounds and what do I get......

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My hands are all rosy, and a freezer you BET!"

We helped a green grocer friend of ours out yesterday by buying 50 pounds (!) of fresh cherries that had been too long in the heat...

Many were throwaways, but we picked thru alot, and I will make preserves and jam, and freezing much of it...anyone have a favorite cherry recipe?

Hugs, Kathi

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unless you want to make ICE CREAM out of all those cherries.. I love ICE CREAM....Nothing like ICE CREAM with some whip topping and a cherry....Yumm Yummm..

How you be Ms. Kathi...

Heading to Vermont next week for work, will be there a month, Wendy will probably join me for a week or so, sure hope to make it to CP9...Buzz is going to be there....I hope Craig will be there too...


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Hahahahaha! love you Kathi!.

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Well, I'll try anything!!!! nearly 30 pounds of cherries, both Rainier and Bing, are sitting in various stages in my house....

It's hot out right now, will probably dry some, too...and then dip in CHOCOLATE!!!

I love you, too, my firey Spaniard!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm sure he does paella, fish , oyster or anything with cherries!.
Hugs! I would invite you to dinner in Adria,s restaurant ( el Bulli). But 1st. got not enough money for that. 2 nd. They have 250 request for each person they can serve ! Booked for the next 10 years! hahahaha. If interested in cooking highly recommend to look it's interviews on YouTube !

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Well, except for banging my head during my daughter's move, and getting a slight concussion....sigh...

I've been thinking alot about you and Wendy lately, and wondering how she's doing....please give her a BIG hug from me!

I wish I could attend CP9...sigh...we are just back from our 'country switch', and with my mom's passing, well, it's going to be a busy time for me. I am trying to eek out a day...but then that means overnight...since I travel east...we shall see...

ICE CREAM!!! I can FINALLY eat SMALL amounts and not pay for it with hours in the bathroom!!!!! YEA!!!!! Ben and Jerry's Cherries Garcia is my fav...hummmmm may have to try making my own!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Nana b
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Have fun!!!


Freeze and be sure to use it. Make morning drinks out of them, Cherrys are great for anyone with gout, or for inflammation. We all get inflammation.

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I like visiting here, you guys are fun!

Pitted and air dried on a baking sheet so they don't freeze in a giant cherrylump, they'd be great to toss in smoothies or just by themselves right out of the freezer bag as a frozen summer treat, I freeze seedless grapes that way. Cherry smoothies sound really good, I love using frozen fruit in smoothies, packs more concentrated nutrients per swallow and eliminates the need to add ice.

Another frozen fruit trick: I'm fussy about bananas and don't like the taste after they develop brown spots, instead break 'em into pieces and freeze them in a Ziploc and they are fine in blender smoothies.

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Even the throwaways might be good for cherry wine. I'm sorry that my only experience with cherry wine is as a consumer of it, from Michigan. It can be quite good.


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Black cherry Italian ice (the slushier kind) with vanilla custard - yum! Best thing after eating them ripe off the tree. After that you could make pocket pies (standard pie crust, jeweled with course sugar, but made to be eaten in three or four bites). I don't have recipies, but those were my tabs growing up. Just finished a pound and a half the other day. My Ostomy says no, but my testbeds still say yes!

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You could juice them and then freeze or can the juice...I add cherry juice to my daily juice concoction and it is so expensive to buy.

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