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I go for surgery tomorrow. I was diagnosed on May 5, 2011 with fibrosarcoma. The surgical team is going to create negative margins. What I want to hear post op is "we got it all"! The ride has been interesting. I went to have a cyst removed form my right hip on April 8th, 2011. The surgen didn't like the way the cyst looked; it started making the rounds, The cyst made it to 4 differnt labs before the Mayo Clinic finially confirmed the cancer diagnosis. Next came the dr. and hospital interviews. I finailly setteled on the Helen Graham Cancer Center in Newark DE. I think that this is the most improtant part of treatment. Once the team was picked, came 3 weeks of waiting for the dr. and operating room to open up. Tomorrow I will have a, roughly, 6x6x6 inch ammount of tissue removed from my right hip. The up side is I will lose the love handle on my right side. Post op the decision will be made if I am "cured" or will need more surgery or radiation. What experences post op have you all had, what can I look foreward to over the next few weeks? thanks.

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I had my first tumor in 1998. I wrote a 2 page blog(?) for new liposarcoma patients like you. Do a search for
"Liposarcoma: 10 Years, 7 Tumors, And New Technology… Beating the Odds!"
in this website (...the website NEEDS a make over!).
The internet can have a whole bunch of sad stories, but I tend toward the positive approach to things with humor.

I hope that the surgery went well. I'll check back in a week or so to see if you have any further questions.

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