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I have an issue that has been irritating me lately...my sneezes are nauseating me! In the past, I've always had a delicate sneeze that ends in a squeak...yes, I've been laughed at plenty for my squeaky little sneezes. However, since getting cancer I've noticed that my sneezes are more forceful in nature...no more squeak at the finish, and leading up to the sneeze, I feel nausea.

Has anyone else experienced their sneezes change or create nausea for them?

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The only sinus symtom I got, from chemo, was bloody noses...

Sneezing may very well be a co-symtom.



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I don't feel nauseated, but I sure sneeze a lot during chemo. I will usually sneeze twice each time, too. I thought it was the leucovorin that mainly caused this, but i really don't know.

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It's not that I sneeze more often than in the past...it is just that when I feel a bit of nausea, it is then followed by the feeling a sneeze is coming...and the nausea increases until the sneeze releases...then it all goes away. It is making sneezes an unpleasant event for me.

I have also noticed that I've developed a side effect from chemo that others get...throat closing up when swallowing liquids...happens if I swallow too fast or too big of a gulp. I'm wondering if chemo has changed my airways or whatever that could cause sneezing to be more forceful, shaking up my system too much when it happens, making for nausea? Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar?

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