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Bloating and cramping after hysterectomy

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I had a complete hysterectomy. I am 9 months post chemo and just had my blood work done and saw my onc/obgyn and he examined me and said I was doing good. But I get abdominal bloating and cramping that feels just like it did before my period would start pre hystectomy. Does anyone else get this? I had the hysterectomy in March 2010. Is there such a thing as phantom cramping? I don't have this feeling all the time but when it comes it lasts for a few days and then goes away. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi: I don't know about phantom cramping, what I know is that I do get bloating and cramping (real cramps) my last visit to my gyn, he said that I should have been healed and not having any pains. I am 18 months post op. MMMT stage 1 grade 3. The last time my doc did a visual and said that everything was okay. I am still worried, but is doing my best to be positive. Lets hope that it is "phantom cramping" mine is almost all the time. AARGG. Be well my love. June

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Hi I was just wondering if you ever received an answer about your pain and bloating. I am 10 months out now from my total hysterectomy and last month started experiencing cramping and bloating. What is unusual is that I also had these symptoms before my hysterectomy. For approx. eight years the doctors blamed the cramping and bloating on my fibroids. Please let me know.

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I had a urine test for possible urinary tract infection which came out negative then all my symptoms went away in about a weeks time and have never came back so I don't know what was causing them. My started a few days after a pelvic exam so i wonder if that had anything to do with it. I have had 2 pelvic exams since then with no problems afterwards.

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