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Urge to pee after DaVinci

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It's been almost eight months since my DaVinci surgery and all of my functions are nearly back to normal with one lingering problem that does not seem to get better. Prior to surgery, I usually had to get up several times during the night to pee. We assumed this was due to my enlarged prostate but now that it is gone, why does this annoying problem persist as bad as ever? Anyone else experience this?
Any solutions?

In an effort to stretch my bladder, during the day, I resist going, hoping this may increase the size but there is no improvement noted.

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I had Da Vinci in Jan 2010 and was experiencing the same issue you describe above. First thing I can tell you is that early on I really had to watch how much fluid I was taking in each day, and more than that, the timing. If I had water, soda, juice, whatever after around 7pm, guess what, I was up a couple of times during the night. So I learned to stop taking in any fluid after around 6pm. As time has gone on, I have been able to go back to being able to drink a little more in the evenings. The other item to consider is what you are drinking.....alcohol or anything with caffeine is going to have more of an impact and make you go more frequently.

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I was just diagnosed PSA 4.1 gleason3+4 and one core of 15 (95%) on top left wall. I was also perineural invasion posative. Not sure waht to do I am 49 in good shape and not sure about the surgery or radiation. Any help on how you made a decision would be appreciated. Thanks

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As suggested limit your fluid intake as much as possible after 5 or 6pm. I will be two years post davinci in August. If I drink much after 6 it equals many bathroom trips during the night! Also I have found if i just drink limited water in the evening its better with not so many trips.


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wow, I must be lucky, I am after 10pm, but then again, I am up at 5:30 each morning.
I have issue ddrinking caffeine, makes me go often, but I stay away from it alot.

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Thanks guys. I only drink ionized water and none after dinner which is at 5:00pm, with bedtime at 9:00pm. I wonder if this might then be just my body's habit after having BPh since my twenties. Now 59.

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It's been a while since I have been on this site, but my ups and downs are while documented--see my posts for the last 5 yrs. After my LRP in 2006, I have been incontinent and for the first couple years I was led to believe that my sphincter was the culprit. But, after going thru a number of tests in the last couple years and a number of Doctors, I began to receive treatments for over active bladder. Although none of the treatments have worked on me, I have not considered a Sling or AUS, because I just don't think that would solve anything. If my bladder will not calm down then the leaking will just persist, and more importantly having any of those devices will basically make me quit using my sphincter and that works fine. With all that being said , before anyone goes to those extremes, hopefully their Doctors will explain the ramifications of trying to make something work with an Ovewractive bladder. I took a break from treatment again for a while. My DOC WANTS TO TRY THE INTERSTIM next. No guarantees. But, one thing I do know, every time I try soemthing new, there is a possiblity of a new complication. At least I don't have to deal with any pain---big plus. But, honestly, the flip-side is incontinence is a major inconvenience.

I personally believe there is something that can be done for an overactive bladder and someday it will be done to me.


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I had an open rp , jan 2 2011 ,

I never wore a pad to bed , after 4 months I was able to stop buying pads , used 1 per day just in case ,

I have no problems , I can have a beer at anytime , and not drip , Im THANKFUL for the surgeon ,


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