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Question regarding Cryoablation

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What is the criteria for having cryoablation as an option? My concern is not being able to know the grade of the tumor if cryoablation was done. Does anyone have any info on this?

I'd like to hear more from folks who have had that, and what size their tumor is. Mine is 1.8 cm, and the doctor basically laid out three options - cryoablation, lathroscopic or open surgery.


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there are several sites that discuss cryoablation of kidney tumors. Most of what I have read about it is that the tumor must be under a certian size,(less than 4cm and the location of the tumor has to be in the right place. of course only a doctor can make these determinations so my best advice is for you to discuss this with your doctor. There are several variations of cryoablation precataneous (thru the skin) open incission cryo that I know about. I had one tumor done this way. Again I am not a medical person and do not intend for you to use this as medical advice TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT THIS PROCEDURE. They can refer you to a specialist who does them. Cryo and RFA radio frequency ablation is another type of the same thing. good luck with your dicision.

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I just had cryoablation of my tumor via open surgery on Monday. Most cryoablation is done without an open incision, just probes through the skin, but since my tumor was sitting on my renal artery, they didn't want to take any chances.

My tumor on radiology reports was small, about 1.3 cm initially, then it grew about 1 mm before surgery. That does seem to be a criteria: the tumor must be small.

Location is also a criteria. He was only going to be able to freeze it if he could separate it from the artery.

I assume that the tumor would also have to be completely encapsulated.

The advantage of this surgery is that it is kidney sparing -- you get to keep as much kidney as possible. The disadvantage is that the scar left on the kidney makes that area harder to monitor in future ct scans.

They do biopsy and get the pathology on it. For example, mine was renal cell carcinoma, stage 1-2.

Like any laproscopic procedure, the recovery is easier if they can do it just with probes. If you have to have it done with an open incision, then it's the typical slow major abdominal recovery surgery.

The bottom line is that you should whatever is best for you medically, and sometimes they don't know that until they get in there.

Hope that info helps!

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Hi Jamie,

Curious what led to the discovery of your 1.3 cm tumor? Did they grade it, as far as Fuhrman?

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I recall the Dr. giving me 5 days worth of oxycotn or similar following surgery.At the end of 5 days I needed more so he renewed it for 5 days, but I only stayed on it for a day or 2. My advise "take as needed then stop". One downside is that it makes you constipated and you do not want to be constipated a week after abdominal surgery. In hindsight I would have taken a laxative after checking with my doctor. TMI

Best wishes,


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My tumor was found on a routine ct scan for something unrelated.

Thanks for the post surg med info, Iceman. He did send me home with 40 oxycodone. I can take 1-2 every 4 hours, but I've only been taking 1. I should do 2 but was afraid I'd run out. If your experience is that the refill is relatively easy to get, maybe I should just take what I need and get on with it.

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