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foods and supplements I eat/take

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everybody is different, but this is what I do after reading several books and doing hours of web research. I am sharing this with my fellow cancer patients.


Food groups for Cancer Patients: they fall in one of the five categories:

(1) induces cancer cell death
(2) makes the environment inhospitable to cancer cells (e.g., alkaline environment, etc)
(3) has anti angiogenesis effect
(4) minimizes inflammation.
(5) strengthen body's own immune system so that it is better able to fight aberrant and aggressive cancer cells.

*** Whole Food Items (not the store name, but I mean eaten as natural, whole food, not extracts) - I am now near 100% organic with regard to what I eat and what I take a supplements.

1. Cruciferous vegetables (cabbages, brusell sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflowers, etc): induces cancer cell death (brussel sprout is the best)
2. Allium vegetables: garlic, onion, chives, etc: induces cancer cell death (garlic is the best)
3. Celery or parsely (induces antiangeogensis effect: celery preferred)
4. Citrus fruits (induces cancer cell death - lemon is the best: I use a whole organic lemon with peels, also very alkaline food)
5. Stone fruits (ones with stone pits, like peaches, plums, etc: induces cancer cell death)
6. Sea weeds (induces cancer cell death, very alkaline food)
7. berries (strawberries seem to get the best review)
8. Tomatoes (for lycopene: induces cell death: tomato paste is the best: contains 10 times lycopene calorie to calorie compared with fresh tomatoes: fresh tomatoes MUST be cooked to release lycopne)
9. Mushrooms (Japanese versions are the best): to build body’s own immune system.
10. Black rice (powerful anti inflammatory food: makes the environment hostile)
11. Fish oil/olive oil/flax oil (induces cell death)

Integrative cancer experts recommends daily 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. I personally take the following. I either make them into protein shakes or cook them in olive oil. Cruciferous and allium vegetables should have minimum cooking - only exception is brussel sprouts whose anti cancer properties are preserved when cooked).

1. 2 servings each of cruciferous vegetables, allium vegetables, and lycopene vegetables.
2. One serving of berries
3. One serving of whole lemon (including peels)
4. One serving of stone fruits
5. One serving of celery
6. One serving of sea weeds
7. One serving of mushrooms.

So, that’s total 12 servings. I try to eat as much of these as possible raw except tomatoes and brussel sprouts. If I do cook, it's only a minute or so in high heat in oil or 30 seconds quick blanching in hot water (for broccoli or cauliflower).

Things to avoid: meat, dairy products, sugar (like a plague!!!!!), animal fat, anything with too much iron (cancer cells thrive on iron and boron). Processed foods should be avoided. table salt should be avoided: very acidic.

I use organic produces and organic, whole grains. Now, I don't buy bread in the store anymore. I don't trust the ingredients. I make my own. Very easy. I bought a $100 bread machine. Got organic whole wheat flour. Instead of butter, I use olive oil. Instead of milk, I use water. Instead of normal salt, I use sea salt. Instead of sugar, I use stevia. The bread comes out just fine, and I know that it's 100% approved for cancer patients. Plus I try to eat 1-2 servings a black rice a day.

My main protein sources are fish, organic egg whites, and occasional organic whey protein powder. I don’t eat beans: too much iron. I try to have on a daily basis 50-60 grams of protein.

I don't worry about alkaline vs. acidic issue. What I eat as above is guaranteed to be alkaline so no need to worry separately about this issue. Most fruits and veggies are highly alkaline, except cranberries which are acidic. Even so if you predominantly plant food, it's nothing to worry about.

In addition, I use one scoop of organic wheat grass powder, and another couple of scoops of green and red powders (raw food fruits and veggy powders).

In addition, I take following supplements)

1. AHCC (mushroom concoction): to strengthen the immune system
2. Agarigus Blazei (mushroom): same
3. Curcumin (really powerful anti cancer stuff)
4. Resveratrol
5. Astralagus powder (for immune system)
6. Milk Thistle
7. inositol with IP6 (for immune support)
8. vital nutrients (vitamine supplements for cancer patients: no iron or boron)
9. Alli c garlic extracts (it's the only garlic pill that actually preserves the main ingredient in garlic that is so good for cancer patients. It's a patented process. goodle alli c and there are several products in the market.

One caution on supplements: many supplements are high on iron. You need to read labels carefully. I tallied the total iron that I ended up taking with all the vegetables and supplements I take, and it was something like 15 mg a day. Menopausal women and men need 10 mg a day, but if the food source is predominantly plant based, you can go up to 15 mg, so that's where I am. In addition to the normal culprits, beware of some shell fishes. Clams, for examples, have extremely high level of iron. I avoid almost all shell fish now.

If you happen to consume a lot of iron, you can reduce the iron absorption rate by eating the food with some egg products (egg protein reduces iron absorption), calcium, magnesium, zinc, tea (both black and green), and fiber.

This is just me - what I am doing. These is no proven science or doctor's prescription for this. This is just based on a lot of reading and research on my part.

You can adopt any of my practices at your own risk :-)

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Do you use wheatgrass juice? I haven't seen this on the board.
Please let me know if you or anyone else have heard that this is a good thing to incorporate into a diet.

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I use wheat grass powder as part of my daily veggie/fruit shake.

Wheat grass has a lot of antioxidants plus, it is very effective in keeping the body alkaline.

That said, if you are eating mostly organic fruits, vegetables, and whole grain, additional benefit of wheat grass may not be so significant.

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If you can get hold of the dvd Crazy Sexy Cancer, Kris uses wheatgrass juice.
Ann wigmore has lots of info on it. One of the things that surprised me about that juice and sorta of explained why is worked so well, was that not only was it rich in chlorophyll,sp, but it also has laetrile.

Optimist person. Thanks so much for all your research. Iron and copper are friends of cancer.

Have you read any of the books that I've mentioned over the years???

Where aside from the net, which is fabby pooh, have you been getting your information.

And I totally understand the garden variety comment. I can never remember how to spell aden..... so I usually refer to it as the usual or regular or expected kind, and I, as you I am sure have no intention of inferring it is any less devastating. The last thing any of us need is an etiquette lesson.

thank you again so much for continuing to help us all, expected or suckier cancer, we all need all the help we can get.

Your cyber bud,


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I am currently in treatment.. #6 done, but dr wants me to do 8 treatments in all. I have been taking a shot of wheatgrass a week. Knock on wood, all blood work has come back normal. I read not to take it to close or soon after chemo. I have to say, I don't know if its the wheatgrass or mind of matter, but I feel so much stronger after I have wheatgrass.
I do try to stick to a healthy diet, but I did so before cancer. I have added raw walnuts and more berries, especially since they are in season. I have also added flaxseed more broccoli and fish. I have almost cut out all added sugar. I have indulged in ice crease once in awhile. I feel trying to change a diet over night is setting yourself up for disappointment. So every couple of weeks, I try to add but also drop a non healthy food from my diet. My goal is make my diet a totally anticancer one. Phasing it in seems to work best for me. I was already active, running 2 miles a day so that has been the easy part.
I wz dx stage 3 grade 3 adenocarcinoma in January at age 45. It was found by total accident while I was having a fibriod tumor removed. The dx was a kick in the teeth to say the least.
All that being said, being new to the whole "cancer" thing, I have to say the diet works. I feel so much stronger and believe that has been helping me with chemo. I have had 6 treatments and since I am able to bounce back so well and my blood work is good they are throwing another 2 at me.

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my understanding is that chlorphyll is extremely close to our red blood cells.

I read that at Duke, they are willing to put patients in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which will ramp up the oxygen in your cells same as chlorophyll and all that oxygen knocks the cancer cell out permanently. Go Duke!!!

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Thats what sold me on it, that chlorphyll is close to our RBCs. I heard/had second hand experience about the hyperbaric chamber also! Go Duke is right! My step mother used it after her bout with throat cancer and it helped the healing process for her. She lived in FL at the time and went to the Moffit Center for treament. She lived an additional 20 plus years after treatment.

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Gives a wonderful feel for the power of simple oxygen. Credit to your step mother for being brave enough to try something unusual for treatment.I hope Moffit Center is still keeping on the cutting edge of what's possible.

Thanks for the info.


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