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Kidney Cyst - what kind of follow-up should one have

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I know that kidney cysts can turn malignant, so I'm wondering if anyone out there had a cyst that turned malignant. Also, what kind of follow-up did should one have on cysts of the kidney?

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Most Kidney cysts are small and do not turn malignant. Once they turn malignant they grow very slowly. Depending on the size and type of cyst the doctor will make followup recommendations that fit your situation. Hopefully you will never become eligible for our club.

Best wishes and may nothing develope from your cyst.


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I was found to have a "simple cyst" on each kidney when having a CT scan for something else. My 53 year old husband has stage IV incurable RCC. I asked his oncologist about my kidney cysts. He reviewed the medical report and told me that I need to have another CT scan before the end of the year. He said they need to be monitored. I hope that helps in your situation. Be your own advocate. I have heard that many do not turn malignant but they still have to be watched. Best wishes to you in this matter.

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I just had an ultrasound that found a 5.9 cm x 5.2 cm x6 cm mildly complex cyst arising from the upper pole of the left kidney. Today I am having an MRI. The ultrasound notes also state: the cyst may also contain a small amount of debris and a questionable partial septation. So I will try to post here what I find out about the MRI if I am able to get the results today.
I have read many of the other stories on this site and have to admit I hope I never have to join this club too. Though maybe I already belong because I had malignant melanoma over 25 years ago!

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Dear Trishypoo,

I wouldn't worry about the maliigmant melanoma 25 years ago .
However if the cyst you describe does turn out to be RCC or likely RCC you will find a lot of support in this group.

Best wishes,


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