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an apology for Sharpy

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during our most recent disagreements I inserted a simple yawn. Unfortunately this yawn came right after Sophie's post and it honestly was not intended to slur her. I thought her post was wonderful and I should never try to use a joke . The fighing really hurts me, it get's me down, it makes my stomach churn. I should have just written the standard please stop message because i am sure sophie was hurt by my rudeness.

if there is one person on this forum who knows me....could you please help me and reassure the forum that I try very hard not to be rude or unkind to people....

thank you and many sorry hugs to sohpie


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You are one of the most kind folks here. I remember clearly when I first came here that you made the effort to not only welcome me but to try to put a smile on my face when I needed it most!

I agree about the disagreements...makes me very uncomfortable, too. Maybe we can come up with something 'silly' to be our own version of CUT IT OUT...lol.

I will stand in line with many here who recognize your warmth and humor, as I hope Sharpy does.


Marie who loves kitties

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Mags, I agree with Gracie, I thought you were just telling everyone, that these arguments are getting boring. You are incapable of hurting anyone intentionally. Be gentle with yourself.
Hugs, Judy

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Kind,fun,polite,educated,is that enough ?.
Love and peace my dear ,keep your humor sense !

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Have Always had kind words for me You are not a hurtful person I could tell, take care



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Don't fret, those of us that know you know you would never say anything ill intended to anyone here. I do find it ironic that from those threads only you and two others have apologized publicly. I hope others did privately!

Hope your wedding this weekend is special and have a wonderful summer at the lake!!!

I will miss you.

Lisa P.

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Mags, you're the best!
Timing is everything...

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and wish I'd just left a similar yawning message. Instead, I got angry too and ended up getting called mean spirited and judgmental...because I wanted people here to be kinder...go figure :(

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You are wonderful and full of love and support for all of us. We all know it.



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@Maglet: Like I wrote you in PM, don't worry. I am not mad at you, or anything, and I understood from your PM that you had no intention of hurting me, or anything. Really! No hard feelings whatsoever. True, before you PMed me, I was a bit shocked, and didn't know where to place your yawning message, but after you PMed me, like I replied, I got it, and I am really not angry/mad, or upset, or disappointed. We're friends, okay? I have really no hard feelings for you at all! I believed you in the PM as well as here. Really. Don't worry about me! Please don't "chew yourself" about this. Really! We all make sometimes things that either we didn't mean, or just came down awkward...I did too before. So don't worry, okay? I am fine! You take care of yourself because to me that is far more important than anything! Okay? I love you! :) Here, you get a heart: <3
Please take care, okay?

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thank you everyone....I am actually sitting in a hotel room this morning and today is my daughter's wedding. So much emotion , so much noise and people roaring about. I do like to be quiet.
remember when we were talking about trauma and stress....well I guess I am just a little unsure today. so many people...kinda makes scares me a lot

oh well soon it will be over and then I will regret having not savoured every moment of the day.

thank you my dear friends...all will be well


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have a wonderful day, i had so much fun watching my daughters expressions during the day. I still have a lot of those hugs to you and congratulations.

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Quite impressive.......steve

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