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Burkitts Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

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My husband was diagnosed with Burkitts Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in Dec 2010, and was started on aggressive chemo treatment. He had his 6th chemo the end of Apr, 2011 and has not been able to have more because his blood counts are not high enough. He had a bone marrow biopsy dont two wks ago and the results came back that he had necrosis in the bone marrow. Has anyone dealt with this same issue? If so, what was done?

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I never heard of having necrosis in the bone marrow. Has his oncologist tried giving him neupogen shots to boost his white blood count?

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Hi michelleb1064,

Sorry I hadn't responded. Yes, after every chemo treatment he had, he would get a neupogen injection. We asked the Oncologist if the neupogen could be given even though he's not currently getting chemo and the response was no. We see the Oncologist on Friday. We went and got a second opinion from another Oncologist. We were advised that there is a chemo called Velcaid (sp?) that my husband should do, and that it will not affect the white blood counts, and that he should see a bone marrow specialist. We will be discussing these options with our Oncologist on Friday.

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