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No Ovarian Cancer = June 15th surgery over

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I had a genius surgeon who pulled multiple tumors out with my ovaries and fallopian tubes (I lost uterus to cervical cancer in 1976). Well much to his surprise, I think since he had take out lymph nodes in the surgery plan, no cancer in my ovaries! Whoo hoooo!So he left those lymph nodes right where they belonged. Now I feel grateful to "just" have anal cancer. I was home the same day of surgery. Sloan Kettering rocks. Tuesday I finally meet with the oncologist and hopefully radiologist to get started on my T2N1 stage anal cancer. I will do this at Sloan in Sleepy Hollow. Since the cancer is about 3A, I think, I am right on the "cutting" edge (pardon the pun) of being treated solely with the chemo/radiation. I am really ready to get rolling. I have never felt such appreciation for my life before. That's a gift.

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I am thrilled to read your results. I am so happy for you. Now you may get started on the treatment and within about 1 1/2 months you'll be done and on the road to recovery. Of course one day at a time. Please keep us posted. Now maybe you'll get to go out to the movies and see Bridesmaids. I wish you well. Lori

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This is wonderful news! I'm so happy to hear this and I know you must be quite relieved. One cancer is already more than enough to deal with, so thank God your ovaries came out okay. Do you have a treatment start date yet? Please let us know when you do. In the meantime, thoughts and prayers continue for you.

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You have been in my prayers each night for the last week. Hope your treatments are as successsful as mine. I was lucky and had minimal radiation burn after the 6 weeks of radiation treatment. Hope you have this same experience. If I remember correctly the radiation machine shot radiation 7 times 360 degrees around my pelvic area. It took a total of about 20 minutes per treatment each day. You might want to get some non alcohol baby wipes and Aquaphor healing ointment(Over the Counter-Target). I found this ointment worked best on my bottom. I also used sanitary pads in my underwear to help with the leakage. I did not show any sign of radiation burns until the 5th week into radiation. The doctor said I had healthy skin tissue which helped minimize the burn.

Keep us posted on your journey.

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And for sharing how you got through your treatment. It really helps to hear these stories. God bless you.

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So happy and relieved to hear the good news! Now on to the battle that wins the war and then healing. Just remember we are all here for you to help you through it. Before long you will be saying the same to other new members...though our wish is that no one would need to come to this forum. But we all know how that works.

Praying for your strength and healing,

Pam Kiley
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I am sooo happy to hear all went well! You've been in my prayers and thoughts! I know with your positive attitude you will do well. So very happy for you. Take Care Sandy, Kiley

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Thank Heavens for your good news. Keep us posted of your treatments, I am sure you will handle it all very well. Remember to use the aquaphor and aloe for the radiation burns, which may not be all that severe for you, and also to use the babywipes and Tucks for cleansing. Don't make the mistake I did and take hot baths, although they are very soothing, because while you are on chemo and radiation, your blood pressure can drop rapidly with the hot water. When your body says "rest", do it. Get all the answers to your questions from the doctors. I found the nursing staff to be very capable and compassionate. I wish you well. God bless

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What a roller coaster ride it has been for you. Once treatment begins, I think you will find that things calm down, emotionally I mean. I ended treatment in January and already I look back on the experience thinking that it wasn't that bad.

Mind over matter? Probably.

Let us know when you are to start treatment. Lots of prayers and big, beautiful, healing thoughts your way.


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This was good news and I was happy I got to read it today. I'm glad that there is no cancer in the ovaries. Thank God! I had T3N1M0 and that was stage 3A so I'm thinking maybe you might not be a 3A because your tumor is smaller. The NCCN guidelines are where I turned to a lot to check out the stage and treatment and how it works after treatment. Totally understand that appreciation for 'only' having anal cancer and understand your readiness to start treatment and get moving. Hang in there. Keep us posted. Hugs, Marilyne

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Hi thanks for your input - maybe I am not 3A. I got that from an Anal Cancer staging thing on the web - not from my doctors.

I finally am scheduled for the PT scan which I guess is when you get the best staging information. They are also scanning my upper abdomen so I'm praying that comes up clean.

The radiologist said I am 85% curable without surgery. I was really happy to hear that. It's gone up 5% in the last couple of weeks!

Are you cancer free now? I have to go on your board. All the best!

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