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A good check-up

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Hi, everyone. Just wanted to say that my scans showed all clear, so now I am 15 months clear since treatments. I have my next scan in 4 months. Today's doctor's appt was about the worst as far as waiting for results. Does it get any easier as time goes on? I think I get more nervous the longer I am in remission. I know I should be thankful for the positive outcome and the good news, but because I worry for a hobby, I just don't want to go through any recurrence. I know there are no guarantees. How does everyone else cope? I suppose it would be easier if I could get back to work. Being home dealing with my side effects is not as productive in the healing process. I used to be so active and busy caring for my parents, my kids, my husband, and my siblings, that not doing anything is setting me back. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, and I hope all of you are in good health. God bless.

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Hello, Great news with your clear scans! Yes it does get better. I went back to work about a month after tx was complete and it took quite a while to get my stamina back. I will have 2 years ned on 6-30, as I completed tx that day. I feel pretty good. Although I did have lung surgery on 9-23-10 for an unrealted nodule that had to be removed surgically. I feel better now than I have in years. It makes me wonder how long the cancer was trying to come out.

I know it helps me to be busy, and exercise also helps, just walking makes me feel better. Now when I have a scan, I see my oncologist the next day, so I won't be worrying, like you for a hobby lol. You might want to ask if thats possible for you. I told my ocologist its the worst part for me, the waiting for results. I wish you continued good news. Lori.

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I don't know what to say. It's sad when worry takes over our lives. But I know you must be suffering from low energy. I believe our imaginations are underused. Enjoy your day dreams. Every moment should be enjoyed in this life, beyond our pain and suffering. I am trying to imagine what my grandmother was like when she was young and her life day to day. I am not writing except to journal the cancer. But I want to appreciate my day dreams more. You are helping me do that just as you have made me think of it. Life isn't supposed to be all about doing. Being is really something. Like they say, we aren't called Human Doings.

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That's great news on your scans, Captain! I am so very happy for you! The waiting game is tough, as we all know. I think it does get better as time goes on. But even at almost 3 years post-treatment, I still get that big lump in my throat prior to finding out results. I just try to stay busy with things that take my mind somewhere else. Find an activity you enjoy doing, invite a friend, and those worrisome thoughts will go on the back burner for awhile. Take care and may you always get good news!

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Wonderful news and I am very happy for you. Does it get better? I would say "a little". My "scanxiety" is now usually at it's very worse within a day or two of the actual scans. I go down to Texas - MDA and I get my results the next day so that one day is when scanxiety is at it's worse. But...I am 21 months post treatment and two years from diagonosis one month from today and I have to say it does get a little easier. I'm approaching my two year mark/scans and I'm excited and yet anxious about them. I'm looking forward to the 2 year mark and hopefully clean scans. Then I think I breath even a little more easier around scan time.


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