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New and nervous

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My parents passed four years ago.

My mom died of colon cancer and I inherited it from her.
Stage 3c dx last March.
Have my second quarterly after chemo blood test next week.
Hopefully I'll still be NED.

My dad died after a five year battle with leukemia.

Do I need to be nervous about inheriting Leukemia from my Dad???

I hope not!



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Hello there 1st do not think you will get strike with leukemia 2, not all leukemia r gene related so If I will b you concentrate on your current battle and do not worry about what the future holds for you, I wish you the best and hope you do not have 2 be hit twice by this monster call CANCER wishing you speedy recovery and of course best of luck on your treatment and hope 2 god u never have 2 face this road again.

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I wouldn't worry about it. The only person in my family that had it was a cousin,s son back in the late '50,s.
I was just dianosed with it back in May.
They cought it early and my DR,S plan is working good. My white count is down to around 9,000. It was over 60,000 when first caught.

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i've read about infections and how they can effect a person with chronic leukemia. one thing people tend to forget is if you worry yourself you're more immune to getting a common cold, virus, or infection since your body breaks down. keep your doctor aware of the health history of your family, if there's any concerns then he should know what to do best. just try not to worry yourself or be too nervous, if it happens then it happens. i was recently diagnosed with chronic leukemia and even though i'm scared sh*tless i still have to live my life as i've been doing before the diagnosis.

i'm sorry about the loss of both of your parents and for what you inherited from your mom...try to keep positive about things. (((hugs)))

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