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I want answers Im scared to death

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My mom has been recently just 2 weks ago with cervical cancer and then recently just a few days ago she was told it has spread to her lungs and liver , and back bone, and kidneys,and considered a stage 4B cervical cncer, i am really really scared i dont know what to do. but i dont want to show her how scared i am, she needs all of us to be strong, she has lost almost all her weight, but shes positive and we are too,but its just so hard to see her going through this, she is under no pain, but seeing her with no weight and greyish its very hard!!i just want to know if there are any survivors out there with the same conditions, and what options there are to cure and get rid of this cancer, cause rght now im not getting answers, and i want to know every single option there is, my mom is a fighter, Please help!! In need of answers, i dont want to loose my mom, and also what treatment and what treatments cause side effects considering her weighloss, please someone respond.

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I am so very sorry to hear about your mom.
I don't know much about cervical cancer. I was stage 3C uterine that had spread to the ovaries. My last chemo was Nov 2010.

There is always hope. What do the docs say about treatment options etc? There is a discussion board for other gyne-cancers on these boards-I believe it's called gynological cancers-others. I would suggest reading that board as well.

I obtained a second opinion, and stuck with my second opinion surgeon-oncologist.

Prayers to you and your family,


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Sending hugs and prayers to you and your Mom...

Sorry you are going through this...What are her doctors telling you about treatment options?


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Sorry about your mom. You are going through a natural shock and grieving process. Worried about the possibility of losing your dear mother. I remember this when my Dad was so sick with cancer.

First of all, as previously mentioned, don't lose hope. Good that your mom is a fighter and a positive person. Great that she is without pain.

My advice is make sure she has a gynecological oncologist. This is a specialty field. These docs will be able to give your mom the best care. Read some of the older posts here for other feedback. Become educated, ask questions, get 2nd opinions, practice some alternative therapies.

My prayers and positive thoughts are with you. Mary Ann

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My dear Jennifer: So sorry to hear about your mom. I am sure you will get some good advice on this board, but unfortunately I do not know much. What I do know and can tell you is that Our Great God will give you much comfort to deal with this dreaded disease. Pray Jennifer and God will help you to cope. I feel your fears and I send you a great big hug for you and for mom. June

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