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Follow up appointment

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Just need some reassurance. I am now 5 months post treatment. PET scan was clear and scope showed completed healing. I have another scope scheduled for July. I am feeling something annoying in my anal area. It's that familiar feeling of having something there... I am wondering if I am just getting nervous... I am feeling fine otherwise. What could this be or am I going crazy?

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Hello, No you are not crazy. The tissue might be healing and that might be what you feel. I know I had a skin tag, that the correctol surgeon removed at the 5 month mark after tx was completed. He also performed a biopsy at the same time. Now I remember feeling different things going on down there, and pain was one of them. I am coming up on 2 years post treatment on 6-30. If you are able to, would you be able to look at the area. I started doing that after treatment and for a long time after to see the changes. It made me feel more confident that nothing unusual was going on there. I wish you well. Lori

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I am 29 months post treatment and still have anxiety before my 6 month exams. If I have any abnormal bowel habits I begin to wonder if there could be a recurrence. We have been through so much in our treatments I think this is normal in that we do not want to have to face this awful disease again. I still have some anxiety about leaving the house before 10 A.M. each morning fearing I could have an accidental bowel movement while in public. Hang in there it will get better each day.

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I have frequently experienced something that is perhaps similar, but I would describe it as a "heightened awareness" of my anal area. It's not really pain, but it's like I'm really, really sensitive there and am always aware of that part of my body, unlike before cancer and treatment, when that was never the case until my symptoms showed up. Perhaps this is what you are feeling. If you are really concerned that something may have changed, then I wouldn't hesitate to contact the doctor for some reassurance. I hope it's nothing of concern.

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Same here. I feel something there often. And I try to check it. I have my husband also take a look for me to see if anything looks different. I have hemorhoids still, but my onc says to not bother with them right now. He checks each time I am at the office and says that it is just hemorhoids, NOT tumors. But, if you feel strange, call the doctor...ease your mind... I am sure, as all the others have said, that it is just the healing process, and let's face it, we had radiation in that area. The radiation changes everything. My primary care doctor put it like this: think about what the Japanese went through, and are still going through, after the bomb was dropped. We are going through a form of that, too, albeit our radiation was smaller and zeroed into the infected area. I am 17 months post treatment. I hope this gives you some peace. Good luck to you and God bless.

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Thank you for all your reassurance. It's not pain. It is a feeling of 'something is there', a heightened awareness and may as well be just in my head. It's hard to tell. I have my scope in July. I will see if I can push it up a bit. I tried to feel it and can tell there is some sort of something there but since I neve checked before, it may be the scar tissue. Good to hear from all of you with such positive news of your own experience and so much hope that things will be ok. I will let you know.

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I also have the same feeling and awareness of the area and I am 11 months post treatment. My skin is very sensitive, I feel just about anything, even the dust from the toilet paper. So don't worry too much, but consult with your doctor asap for peace of mind. Blessins and best wishes to you.

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