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Another one, imagine that...

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I am from San Jose, California, currently visiting my Mom in southern Indiana. She has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma so I am here for a week working from satellite (SLOW) internet to spend some time with her. My brother from Colorado and my sisters from Arizona and Mississippi are visiting as well. As this is the place I grew up in, it's sad to be here under these circumstances, but it's great that we can all be together.

Mom just got back from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa and seems to be doing a bit better. I have never seen my mother so weak. She complains about various short term pains and all I can do is empathize. It breaks my heart when the best we can do is give her a back rub to make just a little bit better for the moment.

My Dad died almost three years ago from a massive heart attack. At 24, I never imagined I would lose my parents so early on in my life. The scariest thought in my mind right now is that neither of my parents will get the chance to meet the girl I will marry (nor have I yet for that matter), or grand kids from me, or how much honor I bring the people that raised me.

Cancer sucks, to be candid...I guess I should go find some livestrong bracelets.

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And here I flew from Illinois to So Cal to be with my mom who was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks ago.
My dad passed from cancer when I was 21 (my folks divorced when I was 3, so I didn't know him very well but was sad losing the chance to get to know him as I grew into adulthood). Now I am 48 and I still don't feel ready to lose my mom. My mom says according to all the books, we should have been hoodlums; she did all the things wrong - she worked two full time jobs and was never around, didn't go to the PTA, let us watch whatever we wanted to on TV and kept us on a very loose leash. And yet, here we are, my brother and I, productive members of society. As an adult, I never needed to lean on her, but I always knew she was there. She has been my very best cheering section, always praising my accomplishments and accepting my mistakes without judgment.
You're right - life sucks. However, I will honor my mom the best way I know how - living my life with a smile on my face and passing on her values to my own kids.

Give your mom a big hug. Knowing others out there are going through what we are going through helps me feel not so alone.

sleepless in jersey
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Im so sorry that you are dealing with this. Where else is Moms cancer? What is her treatment do you know?
My Mom was diagnosed Jan. 3rd 2011 stage 4 lung, brain, spine and pelvis. She had brain surgery, whold brain radiation and in 2nd round of chemo. She's doing well I think so far, we'll as much as the Doc's tell us.
I dont know if you have been reading much on the forum, but theres alot of people here that have been around for awhile please dont give up hope and prayer. She needs your postive energy and the hope that she could fight this.
Thinking of you...

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Glenna M
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Please don't give up hope for your mother. I don't know all the specifics of your mother's cancer or her treatment but there are many who have survived stage 4 cancer and are still on these boards helping others.

If CTCA isn't giving you any encouragement you may want to get a second opinion, see if there are any other treatments your mom can have.

Praying for you and your family.

Stay strong,

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and don't give up! Glad to hear that your mom is doing alittle better since she came home from ctca. What are her treatment plans? Does she have an oncologist who is on the same page as she is with treatments? I know it is hard to see your mother weak and fragile but that is the beauty of family....being stronger when one is weak. It sounds like your siblings are scattered around the country so I was wondering if there is someone there to be an advocate for your mother? Who will help care for her when her children have to return to other responsibilities? There are organizations that you can call and make arrangements for her or maybe find her a cancer counselor that can organize her care and treatments etc. Cancer does suck that is for sure! When cancer strikes, it upsets everything normal for the person afflicted and loved ones. It is alot of work and takes alot of courage, positive energy and strength to fight. Your mother needs all the encouragement she can get. I will be praying for you and your mother. Remember to stay strong and let us know if there is anyway we can help. God bless your mother on this tough journey.

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