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collaboration request

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In June 2009 I was operated on and I was removed the top of the left lung during the months of July to December 2009 received chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During 2010 at different dates were discovered and removed me three skin cancers. to date I have oxygen therapy and use inhalers to help the lungs to the respiratory activity, a recent x-ray shows that I have fluid in the space of the lung was removed and besides, I'm having problems with fluid retention in the body. I have some shortness of breath and tiredness. For a few months of 2010 and the months of 2011 have been having quite nornal work activity.
I wonder if there is someone who is in a situation similar to mine.

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So I guess I can't actually answer any questions you might have, but I just want to tell you to hang in there, I'm sure there are people on this board who have had similar experiences. Best of luck to you!

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