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Chemo and sore scalp

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Hi sisters,

I have two questions and I hope you can help me.

I have just finish my second sesson of taxotere, carboplatin and herceptin out of 4 and my scalp is still tender and sore esp after treatment. How long does this last? I still have hair but it is very thin now. My RN said I will lose it all because it is the side effect of two of my chemo. Will the tender and soreness go away after all of my hair comes out?

2. What is your favorite kind of wig? Real hair or synthetic. Living in South Texas it sure does get very hot here and with summer coming up I want to be as comfortable as I can.

I have another Pet scan on the 16th and see my onc doctor on the 20th. I ask about my treatment and he said we will decide on Monday when I see him. Hmmmmm, wonder if he is planning on changing my treatment. Boy, I hate this waiting part......

Hugs always,

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For me, once ALL my hair was gone, the soreness went away. Did you shave your head? If so, you can use a lint roller and it will pick up the stray hairs that are stubbornly trying to hang on and it feels so much better.
I had a real hair wig and loved it, but it didn't take me long to wear it as minimally as possible! It was too hot & itchy. I began wearing scarves, bandannas, or a hat. At the first 1/2" of hair-I ditched it all. I use to live in Houston & am now in Florida, so I can relate to the heat issues. It's whatever you are comfortable with.
Hope all goes well with your upcoming PS and Onc visit. As the song goes: The Waiting is the Hardest Part!
♥ Cat

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My scalp also hurt and felt sore during chemo. When I would lie down at night, it seemed like where the hairs came into my scalp hurt. Mine also went away with the hair pretty much. I wore a synthetic wig but my chemo was in the fall...good thing since I live in Alabama!
Best wishes to you...I bought more than one wig, and tried to have a little fun with it.
Wore scarves/caps at home...
Just remember---one day this will all be a memory for you, too!
Sybil :)

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Hi Deb,
My head still hurts ad I am 2 months post chemo. I use baby shampoo to wash my scalp when I was bald and yes you will be as well. I never wanted to believe I was goig to be, but when the majority came out I just had my daughter cut the rest off and the remander came off in the next day or so. Its better than you think it will be. They have some beautiful scarves now. I never wanted a wig because they didn't look or feel natural and I felt hot in them, but try them if you want. There are no rules except for the ones made just for you. Good luck with your appointments

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Hi Deb,
My scalp hurt until I buzzed it off. What a relief it was when it stopped hurting. I know it's hard to do it, but it will feel better.
Good luck!

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