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After chemo, has ANYONE ever...

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After finishing chemo has anyone ever got their period back??? Is the chemo-induced menopause permanent or can it be reversed? Has it been done? Methinks not in this life...

Of course, I can see why oncologists would shudder at the very thought as this seems the exact opposite of any oncologists goal. Just trying to gather others thoughts on this topic. =)

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the first time when I was 34 I got it midway into chemo, and I was happy. This time I had it during first chemo, awful one too, and never again and I am happy!

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I hope not, but I do think the Gyno said it may have permantley stopped or maybe not. I guess its not officially menopause untill one year passes.

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And period stopped when I started chemotherapy. All my doctors say it is unlikely to come back, but you never know! I actually want to be post menopausal so I can take an ai instead of tamoxifan.

Women in my on ground Bc support group have had mixed experiences - some have gotten it back and some have not.


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Yup that's what my onco said too, after one year you are menopausal. I know for younger women they can get their periods back, but before treatment starts you are asked if you want to harvest eggs just in case. So I am sure there is a great risk of being infertile after it's all said and done. I've been without the "curse" since November so chemo pushed me into menopause as well. Woohoo... bring on the hot flashes.


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All my first oncologist said to me was that I "might miss a period or two. Maybe." I fully believed him. My bad. He knew that going into menopause was the very last thing I wanted to do (because I'd told him so) yet he nor anybody else ever mentioned anything about preserving ovarian function/harvesting eggs. He has since left due to the commute. Anyhoo, thanks all for the input! =)

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If you are estrogen or progesterone receptor positive, the goal would be to put you in menopause. My sister was 30 at diagnoses. She only had normal periods when on chemo. She did get them back after chemo. (although still irregular)
If I am not mistaken, there are women on this site that have had children after chemo so that would imply a period.


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Just dug out the manual they gave me at the CCI - in bold print it says "it is advisable to use an effective means of birth control during treatment in women of childbearing age. Birth cotrol is still important, even if menstrual periods stop."

I know that's not exactly an answer to your question but is some info that's important. Didn't effect me - I was 18 yrs post (natural at 44) so not an issue for me.


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My oncologist told me that, if you're getting close to natural menopause, chemo may "tip you over the edge." On the other hand, if you're nowhere near menopause, he said that chemo is very unlikely to put you there.

Of course, there's a lot of gray area in between those two extremes.

I was 40 when I did chemo 2 years ago, and have always had very regular periods. I only got my period about every 2 months during and immediately after chemo, but, after a few months, it returned normal and regular like the moon. I've now been on Tamoxifen for 18+ months, and even Tamoxifen can't deter it -- Aunt Flo just loves to visit my house!


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My friend went on tamoxifen after chemo and said her periods were lighter. She was 32 at diagnosis and had two children afterwards. I was told the closer you are to menopause the more likely you are to not get it agian. pretty much just what Tracy said.

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I am 37 and I stopped having my period after the second round
of chemo and didn't have it for over a year then six month after
my last Herceptin treatment it started up again. And I have to say
I welcomed it, who would have thought? To me it's a natural way
of my body cycle and I take anything normal back gladly.


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