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How long has every one been cancer free?

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Well - I have had a clean scan a month ago so for now I am assuming I am cancer free. But I think it will take a few years of good results before I declare myself free. For now I say I'm in remission.


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What's that? I will be watched for the rest of my life. I am B-RAF positive. There is no such thing as cancer free for me. Just keeping it in control and watching for metastasis.

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I think that goes for all of us. We may not be B-RAF mutated, I haven't been tested so maybe I am, but I think we all have a chance that some hidden metastasis may become a problem sometime in the future.


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I was diagnosed three years ago with pap thyroid cancer and am stilling learning things about this cancer (and have been told that it is the best cancer to have and therefore family/friends just sort of ignore it -- what a joke). So, what is B-RAF. thanks

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It's an Onco mutation gene. It occurs in about 43% of Papillary cancer patients and makes the cancer more aggressive, harder to treat and faster growing.

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I am 1 year out with a clean scan

I do not know if I will ever consider myself cancer free

I have a clean scan
I will celebrate that
I am a survivor


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I am having a scan on 7/01/2001. Hopefully it's clear. Never cancer free. It is always lurking in the back of my mind.

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