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blood work question

alexinlv Member Posts: 194
Hi there... I'm not new, but haven't been around for a while. My husband was dx stage IIIc in Nov. 2009. He finished chemo about one year ago. Everything's been fine up until recently. He's sleeping alot! He says he is so fatigued. He had some crazy death dreams and he has opened up to me that he is depressed. Alot of very dark thoughts going through his mind. He is also having alot of digestive issues, diarrhea, no weight loss though. Basically he says what's going in is not going out and his stools are not normal. So I finally got him to go get blood work from the onc. which came back fine. He's doing the stool sample thing now too. Anyone have normal blood work, in which there really was something wrong. Makes me so mad that when I called his onc. the nurse said, "has he been in to see his primary doctor?!" Thanks everyone!


  • thingy45
    thingy45 Member Posts: 632
    HI alexinlv, What ever it
    HI alexinlv, What ever it is, keep on going and presuring the docs. Do not give up. Something is not what it is suppose to be. It took me 6 years to find out I had crc. By that time I nearly died of the large obstructive tumor. Nothing then diarhea and thin stools for 6 years for me.
    Keep on going to see any doc, I did all the tests and still no results, ask for a colonoscopy, that will tell all.
    Hugs, Marjan

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