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Alternative treatment

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Has anyone tried milk thistle or e-tea for help with liver cancer? Just wondering, if so, how much do you use and did it seem to help?

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My husband, Lee has liver cancer. As soon as we got the news I started him on Milk Thistle. And I give Dandelion, Liv-A-New, Zinc, 5000mg vitamin D3, Echinachea, Beta-1,3D Glucan,(I found this researching on line for immune help), and Colostrum. The first three are for the liver and the rest are for immunity. I also give a tonic called Flor Essence, it's a detox. I may also add Reshei Mushroom. My husband's Oncologist thinks they are a waste of time and money, but he can't really come up with a cure , so I pretty much checked with him to make sure he didn't think it would interfere with his treatment. And then I do what I think best. I follow the supplements recommendations. Right now I've cut back on the Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Liv-A-New, because his platelets were down. I read herbals could be counter to building new platelets. So, just till they come up, I will only give vitamins and minerals and phyto nutrients.

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