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'Bridesmaids' the movie

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Oh, my. The bride-squatting-in-the-street scene definitely hit a familiar chord. :):)

Not a movie for the easily offended, but a GREAT escape for everyone else. Funniest movie I've been to in chemo-brain memory!!!!

(Rated R for foul language and sexual content.)

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Hello, I saw this movie yesterday, and boy did I need that. I think I laughed at every scene. Made my day. Lori

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Thanks, I love comedy and will put this on my list to of movies to watch.

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Thanks. Surgery tomorrow - report to Sloan at 5:45 a.m. When I get home I want to watch it if I can't get it for tonight.

I need to laugh more than anything. Thanks again. Good Job!

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Hi Sandy, I will be thinking of you tomorrow and I will be sending postive thoughts and prayers. The Bridesmaid movie probably isn't out yet because its only been in theaters for a couple weeks. But I hope you will find some other comedy to watch, I know theres a lot out there. Keep us posted, and I know Sloan will take good care of you. Lori

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Sandy, my thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. Please let us know when you can and update us.

I have heard from a few people that the movie Bridesmaids is hysterical and the gal in it (that plays Molly in Mike and Molly) steals the show. I too am looking forward to seeing it but was afraid I'd laugh so hard I'd rip stitches from my recent gall bladder surgery. Well last night I watched Turner and Hootch on TV and laughed so hard I was crying. No stitches ripped. Sometimes we just need that good old belly laugh - best healing medicine ever!

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Hi Sandy--I just wanted to wish you all the best tomorrow with your surgery and let you know that I will be thinking of you. I'm sure all will go well and I hope you have a swift and complete recovery. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to your first post-op update.

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Praying you are ok and surgery is over, I hope you are relaxed and found a good movie to watch. Get lots of rest and get well soon.

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Sandy, I hope gies well tomorrow. And get laughs...lots of them. They do indeed help. Sissy, when do u get your stitches out? Melodie

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Hi Sandy,

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!


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I will be praying for your successful surgery tonight. You have already been through the worst emotional part which are all the preliminary tests. Now your job is to complete the radiation and chemo program and get better through time. Hang in there.

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