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HCC reoccurred after resection

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Hello everyone, I have been reading your post and decided I wanted to join in with hope of support and maybe someone else having the same problem.

I was diagnoised in May 2010 with primary hcc. Tumor size 3.0, had resection done laproscopicly at Cleveland Clinic on July 14th 2010, my hometown is not as advanced enough to treat it here. Might I add that I was diagnoised with Hep c in 1990 and searched for treatment which I found at the Cleveland Clinic. My hep c was put into remission in 1999 with the treatment of Rebatron.

I had a mri March 2011 to follow up on my resection and it showed the cancer is back and now I have been told that there is nothing to do but follow up with another MRI in Sept. and then my doctors will look at it again to see where we will go from there.

Right now I feel so helpless that I can do nothing but WAIT and I'm having a hard time dealing with that.

Has anyone else been told to just WAIT AND SEE?

Does anyone know of any treatments that might be available?

Thanks so much to let me be able to find some comfort or maybe even some answer.

Praying for everyone on this discussion group!!!

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Diagnosed with Hep C due to blood transmission from my Vietnam days, cleared it through Interferon treatment. I have Stage 4 Cirrhosis of the liver, HCC 1st diagnosed in December of 2006 with a 50% liver resection for 2 tumors (one was 3.5 and on the portal vein) and the HCC recurred Jan 2010 and was treated with RFA. Just had another MRI on June 15th and am awaiting the results of that. Doctor is watching 3 small nodules for changes and then I will go on the transplant list as the next treatment. I am being treated at the University of Michigan medical center (very good), I have MRI's about every 3 months now and just waiting. It may seem difficult to just wait and see, you might want to get a 2nd opinion on your treatment options from another comprehensive cancer center. While the statistics may seem grim, they aren't always applicable to a persons own situation. Keep your faith up and ask a lot of questions from the doctors-make them give you answers! Best of luck to you mslizzy.

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Although I am not a doctor, a six month wait and see, seems like too long to do nothing. I would definitely get a second opinion from the closest major Cancer center. I would not wait that long to see what happens. Things could get out of hand by then.
Bless you and keep fighting!

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I saw my primary care dr. Mon. he does not want to wait til sept. so I am having an MRI fri July 22nd. I guess my dr in Cleveland might not be happy abt this, but who cares. I need answers.

Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I wl post again aft I get my results.

Good Luck to all of you and know that you are in my prayers!

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I had an MRI on July 22nd with blood work also. MRI shows slight decease in tumor (deceased .6cm x .4cm) I know it's small amount, but aleast it did not grow. Now there seems a little concern regarding my Creatinine and Bun levels starting to rise. Will have that checked in a few months. Hope it's not the cancer is going to my kidneys.

Anyone know of liver cancer spreading to kidneys?

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