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Hi All, Well I took it upon my self to start exercising, cuz I'm tired of waiting on my doc to set it up. I have decuded NOT to be an old woman at 50. So on Friday night I did 10, each leg, leg lifts. My joints still hurt, but I felt the muscle burn the next day. I can handle it...I know I'm not gonna stength in one time, but it's a start. Maybe if I can get the muscles going, the joint stiffness will aleve a bit. & God knows I'm nowhere near a daily workout, but I have to get moving. My 2 year old granddaughter is moving up in 6 or 7 months & I want to b able 2 play with her. So I know it hurts 2 start, but I want quality of life life...not just watching me by. I want out of the pity zone and enjoy my years I have left. Thanks 4 helping me find my motivation. Love and prayers around, Melodie

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Melodie, it's great that you are getting into an exercise program. Start slow, work your way up--you'll feel better and it will help with the stiffness and discomfort.

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Hi Melodie - I can relate, although I think your muscle weakness is worse than mine. In the mornings I have trouble sometimes walking around and am very stiff (especially if I try to bend over or do laundry). I do stretches right now but am thinking I will go back to the gym within a week and start on the treadmill again and maybe some light weight training (leg lifts and such). Your motivation (a 2 year old granddaughter) will push you forward. Children and grandchildren gives us that extra motivation to push forward and be stronger than we would have been. Keep us posted. I wish you well with this. Hugs, Marilyne

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So proud of you for taking the first steps to get moving!!!! Keep us posted of your progress.

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Hi...I have been lurking around for the last 8 months or so but would like to comment on Melbas statement. I had stage 1 anal cancer that was detected in Aug of last year. In Sept of last year I started 10 days in total of chemo and 35 days of radiation. We all know what that was like so no point reminiscing that horror. I was exercising prior to having treatment and had to stop. Four weeks after the radiation finished I started back in the gym. It hurt like heck the first few weeks, hip bones and other parts very painful but gradually the pain was going away. Now 6 months later my burns have almost disappeared, I feel fantastic, no soreness, nothing and blood tests are outstanding according to my Doctor. I want to stress to you and all others that are thinking about exercising to please go, it is tough at first but don't stop, cardio cardio cardio is a fantastic healer.
Good luck to all of you...Larry

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I use this and about four other instructional videos. Just a suggestion but I really believe it's a great way for us to get the breath through our organs, bones and muscles.

It's a great way to exercise. I hope to continue doing it after my surgery and through the chemo and radiation. That and practice singing. Anything to keep the breath moving through the body. It's so important. I can't believe I have this road ahead but am glad tai chi and qi gong are in my life for a while now since it does a lot for you with minimal movement but much meditation and concentration so you can really get a good work out. It makes me feel pain free while I am doing it most of the time. But I'm just suffering from the tumors, not from any treatment yet.

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Tai Chi is fabulous. I took a class in this years back to relax and for some reason stopped doing that. Even have a few DVD's on it. Will have to rethink that. Have you done Reiki healing tapes as well? The music and sounds are very soothing - at least to me they were - and I used to listen to it before treatment and after treatment.

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The gyn surgeon told me no tai chi for one month and I said. "ONE MONTH!" I have done some Qi Gong carefully and found I needed pain meds after so we don't realize how deeply we are working our innards with these quiet slow movements. But I keep trying to remember the really small movements that improve posture and am doing the breathing exercises without squatting and scooping which is where I think I got into trouble last time before I knew it. That's the problem with pain meds too. Sometimes we don't really know where we are in the healing process and have to trust our doctors.

I used to be a spinning teacher until the pain became unbearable down my legs. You have given me so much hope today! I am starting to imagine life without all these ailments and the picture looks like the treatment will be worth it thanks to your post today and one others I saw which was about Sex! ha, ha, ha! I almost forgot that word.

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Each one of us has their own way of working out before and after this experience. I agree, continuing a good workout schedule is an important part of healing. I was doing Bikram Yoga before I found out in November 2010 and went through treatment. I started my yoga practice again 2 months after treatement stopped and feel great. The first few times were hard but, as with any excercise if you have not done it in a while, it gets easier. I just started horseback riding again and today, for the first time ever, tried waterskiing. Don't give up. It will all be ok!

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