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Celebrating Special Events

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Hi All, another issue to consider how does one incorporate the loved one into a special event? There are several coming up for us, my birthday (today), our daughters graduation and my own masters by research graduation. Grace is immobile so it is very impractical to take her to these graduation ceremonies. Any ideas how she can be part of them?

I find it quite sad and depressing to celebrate lifes wonderful events in a hospital. Anyone else feel like that?

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Yes, it's sad, but it's better to celebrate than not.

For someone like Grace, who is aware of her position in the time-space continuum, I'd consider working with some computer geek types to have a web cam at the events and a display in her room (assuming she has wifi).

Mobile celebrations (like birthdays) could be celebrated in her room, of course, but the graduations and such, she will be celebrating remotely. If the web cam is not an option, getting any kind of recording (even photos) that you (and 2-3 close friends) could go over with her later that day or the next day would be close.

This last is currently how we are celebrating with both my mother and an adopted grandmother of the kids. It is quite meaningful to us to go through the day in pictures with our loved ones.

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Hi never thought of using a remote camera. My son does IT at uni so is just the person. I have shown her my preliminary thesis while she was still comprehending everything. I naturally, dedicated it to her.

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I'm not very techno savvy so I took lots of pictures at any event my husband couldn't attend. Then I shared them with him and we had our own little celebration. It worked for us. Fay

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