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Hi Everyone,
I am listing this post for my Brother-in-law he has lung cancer he has been treated at a local VA hospital in Alabama. they gave him Chemo. and Radition which has not worked all they want to do is give him pain and nerve med. which I think he is takeing to much of. We have heard about a new drug Geneticly Engineeried (Crizotinib) Has anyone had this treatment or heard any thing about it and where it would be avallable. PLEASE HELP

Thanks Robert


  • stayingcalm
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    Hello Robert
    I have heard of Crizotnib, good things, unfortunately I don't have the ALK mutation that makes it work well (my doc might try it anyway). I think it's still in trials. I don't know where exactly your brother in law is, but the following link will take you to Crizotinib studies in Alabama. You can change the search criteria if you need to.

    *note - Crizotonib is also known as PF-02341066