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aloe vera

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just thought i'd share that moms mouth sores are MUCH better after starting aloe vera gel. she bought a thick gel version of it... swishes it around as long as she cans and swallows. she has noticed a big improvement in her sores and they do note hurt that much anymore.

we'll see if this changes .. 1/2 through now =)

she also just bought an aloe PLANT and is going to try to rub the gel from the plant on her skin! we shall see.

hope everyone enjoys the weekend. 16 more to go!

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Yes I grow it in my back yard; it is some very good stuff for cuts or burns. Someone told me that it can be cutup into small chunks and swallowed to help heal problems in the mouth. I never tried that but someday might due to the problems with mu gums.

Take care

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Awesome...halfway through. How is it going with the PEG?

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