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Hi, I come here every nite. My husband and I have been crying, he saids that he is so scared, that he is going to die. I told him that this is normal, but NEVER ever give up! He saids he won't. We need all the prayers we can get! He has lost so much weight and this is scaring him, he lost another 2 lbs since last week! He is going for a biopsy this Wed. I think that is making him scared. Sue

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i really sorry for what your goin through. don worry. try to think positive and keep ur faith on god. he is the only person who can give some hope in our lives. will pray for u and ur husband. be strong. he needs u.. he needs u now more than ever so u have to eb strong for him. i was made to face my cancer situation aone and i know how it feels wen u don have someone u love to give u the strengh. so pls be strong and help me face things. god bless you guys.


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Prayers and hugs. Fear is normal for most people at least part of the time. Cancer is a scary disease. New treatments and protocols are coming along all the time, though. Many are living longer and even beating this disease. Fay

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Thanks you for your kind words, I am trying to stay strong but sometimes it get really hard! He is going to a new cancer doctor in the morning for a second opinion. He saids " I am getting so tired of hearing nothing but bad new" I know how he feels, but what other choice do we have? Just keep trying to fight the fight? sue

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Good luck with the second opinion. Remember to keep your chin up even when it's down. Cancer sucks, but you have to try and live life "normally" or it will consume you and that's not good either.

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