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At 10 months post CK, I occaisonnally experiance a weak or no stream upon awakening in the middle of the night. My CK nurse advised me to take Flomax on a daily basis. I really dont want to due to the side effects. Mainly stuffey or runny nose. Can anyone suggest an alternative that I can take and not on regular daily basis? I have heard that Advil may help. Thanks...Jimmy/Cleveland P.S. PSA at time of CK treatment was 18.5, 1 core of 12 positive at 40 % (T1c)...Psa at 6 mos post CK...2.5...

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Hi, Jimmy

Besides a runny nose Flomax is also known for reducing the amount of ejaculate and some men experience a loss of potency while on it.

A hesitant stream is a common symptom and if it is only an issue after first getting up after sleeping it is probably caused by the prostate pressing down on the urethra while you're in dreamland. After you get up and move around, things tend to move around a bit and the uretha stretches out and it's not longer an issue. Advil may help reduce the swelling in the area and I would try that before moving on to Advil...either than or just live with the symptoms.

BTW, Advil has been shown to slightly elevate your PSA scores so keep that in mind when doing your follow up screening.



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I had a number of side effects with flomax and refused to take it. In the uro office I started with I never saw the doc again after the cath was pulled 7 days after surgery. I only saw the office PA. The PA insisted almost to the point os swearing at me that I take flomax but I told him no. That was the last time I was at that uro's office.

Flomax gave me blurry eyes, especailly in the morning, and almost shut down my urine stream to the point I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. Yet I know one man who had no side effects from flomax. I gave him my bottle.

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