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Feeling Better!

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It's been 5 days since my left kidney was removed. I'm surprised at how well I'm actually getting around! The incision site doesn't bother me, but the 5 little port holes from my robot hurt like the dickens. I'm walking a lot, not overdoing, I've gone for a ride to my daughters for a change of scenery Mon night, she drove of course!! As far as pain meds, haven't really needed them much, I do take half a pill before bed. For the most part 1 acetaminophen has been doing the job...Each day is getting better, showers are like heaven! The only thing I CAN'T do is sleep in my bed. Lying flat, or just getting in and out isn't worth the pain, so I've comandeered my daughter's new LazyBoy, it got delivered a week before surgery, so I'm breaking it in for the poor kid.....Just wanted to check in, so any new comers will be able to read a positive outcome from me....I was probably the most negative, frightened person to hit these boards...But thank you Iceman, you have been an excellent role model....and I hope to follow in your footsteps! Thank you

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Good to see you posting. Drink plenty off water and listen to your body. It took me three weeks before I could sleep flat on my back in bed. Then an extra week before I could sleep on my side. Be patient you get there rest when you have to.

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you sound great, KatieLynn! Keep taking it easy. And don't get discouraged if you ever experiencec the two steps forward/one step back thing.

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I am glad you are doing so well! That is great, especially so soon after surgery.

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Glad to see you are up and about. Don't rush things. You just had major abdominal surgery. From your positive attitude I know you will do well. Been there. Done that.

Best wishes,


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