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Anyone out there like me? Vaginal cuff tumor

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This will be my second radiation treatment to shrink this thing.
Docs refer to it as uterine sarcoma stage 3 /
I have a constant foul odor discharge, radiation has stopped the pain
smell isn't as bad, but now suffer from radiation side effects
Doc can see tumor at exam, but now can't have exam even cuz
I'm so shrunk too painful - they don't advise dialator

Kinda rambling cuz tired and looking for others that are dealing with this
Expecting to stabilize it for 3 months - this past year it worked
but then came back and doubled in size in one month

chemo didn't really help pelvic mass - although it shrunk lung nodules down

Thanks a bunch

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Double Whammy
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It sounds like you're having a really difficult time. I'm sorry. I have not had a vaginal cuff tumor, but I understand that the vaginal cuff is where there is often a recurrence and that's why the periodic exams and Pap smears. I'm sorry I can't help you with your question, but perhaps someone else will chime in.

In the meantime, I'm sending hugs, prayers and well wishes.


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I really need it now, it seems like I get these blue days and they're difficult to shake.
Sometimes just going in the store, I feel like I'm going to break down and start crying.
Well, enough of the pity party . . . I best get on with my day. Thanks

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Wow you have the same thing I have. I had radiation already in the pelvic area so couldn't go that routine again. I didn't get it until 3 years after my hysterectomy, but my lung nodules showed up 9 months after dx. Since 2007 I have had radiation in pelvic area, and chemo treatments which was Carbo/Taxol, Doxil, Carbo again and now low dense Taxol. I will be getting a check up soon and we will see how lung nodules are doing and if the vaginal cuff has healed. Did they do a ct scan on you and found it that way or from a regular pap smear? They found mine from a pap smear and did a biopsy which came back positive. The last ct scan didn't show it, but it was still there but smaller. I do not have any signs, no bleeding or odor so I was really surprised. How are your lung nodules? I hope things get better for you.
Hugs from Oregon,

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