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denied insurance

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fighting for mom
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You may remember my Mom- dx 2 1/2 years ago Stage 2B with resection and chemo that followed. She has had good follow up scans and CEAs so far. She still has some ill affects from the chemo. I'll feel better after she hits her 3 year mark this Thanksgiving.

She is 62 and is wanting to retire. She has her insurance through her work. My Dad is retired (teacher) and has insurance through his job. My Mom was on his insurance until 1 year prior to dx--if only they had that foresight to keep her on his plan. The unfortunate situation is that Mom has to have insurance and can't get insured by anyone. She has tried BCBS, United, and one other. Some of them she tried 2-3 times and continues to get denied. I am sure it is the cancer dx. She would not qualify for Medicaid and Medicare doesn't kick in until 65.

Any ideas would be appreciated. She really wants to retire and enjoy life- but can't risk the medical aspect without insurance. Has anyone else been in this situation?

What happened to the new 'no insurance can deny?"


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I'm sorry for this. I'm kind of dealing with this as well and I'm 53. I miss the boat on this new health plan, but loose totally on Obamacare. I'm so hoping that she gets some help.


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For the previous 4 years teachers insurance policies in our state went up 10-42% annually and the policies coverage was stripped down. We had no Cancer Screening Tests for Women. Under the Healthcare Reform no new policies could go into effect without Cancer Screenings for Women thanks to those Women Representatives and Senators. This feature along with being able to continue college students on parents policies to age 25 went into effect in September, 2010. I owe my life to the Healthcare Reform for finding the Colon Cancer since I had no symptoms and decided to have the Colonoscopy earlier than age 60 since I had a Colonoscopy at age 50 along with the Mammo and Pap Screening Tests.

It breaks my heart to see so many people who do not have health insurance and the care they receive is adversely effected by lack of medical insurance or by being under insured. Hopefully, you will benefit as all the new features of Health Care Reform are introduced through out the next few years.

They would need to check with her Dad's Insurance coverage to when and how her mother could be added. She may need to wait for 2014 when Insurance Companies cannot deny coverage based on medical need.

Best of Luck on obtaining coverage and Prayers for all.

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Oh, me. I don't have the answer, but I sure hope somone does!


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The part of the new healthcare plan that makes it illegal to deny a person insurance due to a pre-existing condition does not take effect until 2014.

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If so, Cobra is an option.

Also, 23 states have plans that cover the uninsurable, the only catch is they have to be without insurance for six months. Depending on what state she is in, she may be able to get it.


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"and Medicare doesn't kick in until 65"

If she can claim a disability, she may be able to sign on
to her OM's S/S, and that may provide medicare also!

Now... another thought...

When my wife turned 65, I was 62. She applied for S/S
and medicare, but was denied because she didn't earn enough.

The clerk suggested that I consider taking an early S/S,
and that in turn, would provide my wife with S/S payments,
-and- medicare!

The lesser amount that you get taking an early out, is a fraction
of how much you gain over the time you're collecting S/S.

It's well worth sitting down with an S/S clerk, and asking them
to help you get through the maze!

Best wishes,


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and loses her insurance, then she should be allowed to come back on your father's insurance due to involuntary loss of coverage. Otherwise, she'd have to wait until Open Enrollment to enroll on your dad's plan, assuming he's not on Medicare.

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fighting for mom
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Thanks for the info! Several ideas I had not thought of. I think it would be a stretch for disability but am going to discuss all these ideas with my Mom. I am not sure about if she could get om my Dads' insurance. We need to do some research.

Information is power!


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