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Muscle aches and pains

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Hi all. I have been having muscles aches and pains - mainly in my legs, since my last surgery and RAI. Its been 3 months since the surgery and 6 weeks since the RAI. My thyroxine has been adjusted - I just had blood work and they say I'm taking too much now so my dose will change again.

I feel ok except that my leg muscles ache - its worse in the morning when I get up, or after I've been sitting for awhile. The ones behind my knees really hurt some days - I feel like I'm 90 years old. (I'm only 45)

I take calcium everyday and those levels are fine. I did ask one doctor about it - he said it may just be my body taking time to get back in shape.

I want to get back to regular walking and running again, but the aches are making it hard.

Any ideas? Solutions?



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my legs hurt as well but they did before hand so...

It is really sometimes hard to tell myself I think my legs are hurting me more than before cancer but I have lived with pain in my knees and legs for 9+ years so it is really hard for me to say if it has gotten better or worse... Worse i think but is it do to meds or who know what

What I did to help my body get back into shape (ok more fit and able to walk run longer distances) was swiming. I also found out that the eliptical machine (2 of the 5 types at the gym i work at) do not cause pain in my knees so i can work out there better.

Saying that there are machines that do make it hurt as much or more than running. So basicaly you are going to have to go and try them out (1 a day) to figure out what helps

I also have a hot tub set to theraputic levels (97-99F) and that also releaves tension and pain.

as far as pain from sitting to long . . . . . um hate to say it try difrent chair or chair hights its amazing what even 1/2 an inch can do (I work seated most the time and it took me a while to figure for me what I needed in a chair.. and what i didnt want)

but yes I am 40 and feeling much older than i was when i was 38 and cancer was someone elses problem.

how is your vitimin D levels.. I take Vitimin D with my calcium in a higher than USDA level or I get Vitimin D deficency and calcium is not absorbed as well.

When they say to much or whatever... do you have copies of your labs... remember not all doctors know what levels should be at they see the normal band and that you are out of it and dont think twice to say wait a sec there is a reason...

good luck and keep us informed


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I feel the same as you. I'm 37 and I'm walking around like I'm 80! I have the aches and pains (though it's not necessarily painful with me but rather like my body has the flu really bad!). My calcium is fine but my TSH is really high. I know people say that if you exercise you will feel better but I just can't imagine trying to go for a walk with how my body feels, especially my legs! I'm worried I will hurt even more after. If I do 2 loads of laundry in a day I'm exhausted! Yes it will get better but I'm hoping it's sooner than later! I want to go running SO bad!

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Hi!! I had my thyroid removed three weeks ago. I have been having the same pain you are experiencing. It is not fun to go around walking like an old lady. I started my exercise routine last Monday. The pain is there but it did feel better after my routine. I hope it goes away. I really think we should try to do our best.

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Sounds like we all experience the same pains. I thought mine was caused by Fibromyalgia. Maybe not. Most of my pain is in my neck, shoulders, on the sides of my thighs, my butt and my lower back. I have Degenerative Disc disease in my lower back however. My doctor said it is caused from my days as a gymnast. Bending into positions nature never intended.

This is what I do for my pain. I don't know if it's one thing or a combination of all of them that helps. I take 2000 mg's of Flaxseed and 2000 mg's of Fish Oil every day. I also take CoQ10 (supposed to be helpful in preventing cancer), multi-vitamins, selenium and magnesium (magnesium only once a week). I take extra vitamin C as well. I stretch my muscles as much as possible in the morning and during the day. Keeping moving helps a great deal. Oh, and I am never without Ibuprofen. I take a minimum of 800 mg's when the pain starts. Not good for the liver and kidneys, but I take it with food for minimal damage.

I have a feeling that this pain we experience is something we may just have to learn how to manage. It's not a fun feeling but I think it's a reality due to what everyone is saying.

Blessings to all,

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thanks for the advice everyone. At least I know I'm not alone with the aches and pains. I'll try your suggestions and let you know if I find any other relief/improvments.

I'm just getting ready to return home next week - two 8+ hour flights and waiting in the airport - I'll be walking like I'm over 100 I'm sure.

Will keep the ibruprofin handy!

Cheers all


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