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How to find an experienced surgeon?

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I live in a small town 5 hours from a metropolitan area. My local urologist says he can do a cystectomy with urostomy and isn't eager to refer me to a larger center. How do I find a surgeon with experience doing female cystectomies? Hospital websites usually focus on male surgeries.

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I had my bladder removed last June 30th and it was done by a doctor at UPMC, a teaching university hospital in Pittburgh, PA. I can't say enough good about the doctor and the way I was treated at the hospital. It was necessary for me to travel about an hour and fifteen minutes each way, but well worth it to have the best. Following surgery, I had 12 weeks of intensive chemo and the Hillman Cancer Certer was right there attached to the hospital which made it so much easier having everything done at the same place.

I would highly recommend a teaching university hospital as I understand they have much more experience with bladder cancer and are on top of all new techniques, etc. They gave me a new lease on life and continue to take care of me.

I wish you well. Write more if you have more questions.

C U,

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