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Taxol and ear issues

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I finished 4 rounds of A/C and had my first round of Taxol a week and a half ago. I don't know if it is a taxol side effect or just a sinus issue. My ears feel similar to when you are on an airplane. They feel kind of clogged and have a buzzing sound in them. When I plug my nose and blow out it relieves the pressure and my ears pop.
Just wondering if anyone else had this problem on taxol.

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I didn't have chemo Cinkal, but, am hoping someone who did have Taxol can answer you.

Hugs, Leeza

Marsha Mulvey
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While I was on Taxol, I didn't have any issues with my ears. Certainly, I wouldn't rule this problem out, as there are so many possible side effects and we're all different. Be sure to check with your doctor. Best wishes, whatever it is, I hope it clears up quickly.

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If it is similar to sinus issues it may be part of the allergic reaction they premed everyone for. I got benadryl and steroids before each round to prevent adverse reactions. I seem to remember itchy ears though. Check with the doc especially if it is worse next time.


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I just finished my A/C and experienced the ear issues you are describing with that. Seemed like it progressed and was more noticible by the 4th one. I start Taxol/Herceptin next week. So won't know how that affects me til then.


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I was on AC for 4 rounds biweekly and started Taxol weekly on June 21st. I have had the same ear issues you are having and my sinuses and nostrils are extremely dry/crusty. I saw my oncologist Tuesday before my treatment and he told me the Taxol can dry the mucous membranes and to use sterile saline sprays/moisturizers. I also found Ayr Saline ointment moisturizer to put inside my nose, but I feel like I need to put it in there constantly. I am in the humid south and still having these issues. When I was waiting for my chemo after my appointment with the doctor, I met another girl who had been on Taxol and she said she also had the sinus issues and that using a humidifier helped her. I'll probably have to do that also. I am sorry you are dealing with this also, but I am glad to see I am not alone!

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I also use Ayr saline sinus spray. right after I finished chemmo I started getting sinus infections. Haven't been right since. I've been to the doctor and been on antibiotics, but it's still icky.

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