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i can't find the post now, but i think i read recently that you've been ned for a year now. is that right? if so, that's the best possible news, and may you and ned have a long, happy life together.


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Hi! Maggie!!!!
Thanks for asking. I have been NED for a year and 3 months. Last chemo was Feb/2010 Had a scare a couple of weeks ago. CA 125 has been hovering around 19-22 range. Jumped to 41. Doctor ordered CAT scans and everything looks fine. They are monitoring it and I have my next check-up at the end of August.

I have come to the conclusion that I was really stressed over this whole CA 125 thing. According to the nurse where I am being treated. They changed the CA 125 test since the last time I had it tested. She said a lot of patients had slight rise. What to think??? Makes me nuts. I have to just let it all go sometimes.

Nice thing is I spent a couple days in Houston at MD Anderson to get the tests done. Attended yoga classes they hold daily. Also had a wonderful gourmet lunch there. Pampered myself a little. It was nice. I work 12 hr days and it is rare for me to have time off. I have my own business. Loved the yoga. I have never tried it.

I have been reading your posts. Hope you are doing well, my friend. Know you have had some bumps lately. Praying for good things to happen for you.

in sisterhood, Norma

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