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something funny happened picking up the kids from school

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my wife and spent the day getting the kids passports and hers renewed for our trip to fiji in 3 weeks.

we raced from the city to get the kids from school and i was in a bad mood. being late and this constant arse pain does that too me.

we get to the school, my wife goes to pickup the kids. i get the urge to go. and its not a false alarm.

so i hope into the back of our 4wd campervan to test out my new portable loo. its fantastic.

just what everyone with a reconnection needs in my honest opinion.

while still on the loo my wife comes back with the kids.

they are not aware of whats going on in the back on the loo.

well she starts the troopy and slams through the gears. she is on a mission and before i can scream out take it easy she zooming along the highway.

i am still crapping, kind of, and looking out the window. i wonder if the other motorists know whats going on.

well the kids are laughing and i am begging my wife to go easy on the gear changes.

well what do i see, yes the cops just behind us.

oh great, am i going to get pulled over for not wearing a seat belt, or was it my wifes driving. luckily they loeft us alone, but it was a close call.

eventually i finished, got the nappy on, the pants on and had some semblance of being normal.

luckily i did not have to go until i got home. i love having my own little portable loo in the car. its saved my arse countless times.

something different. anyone done that before ?


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The time I passed out drunk in the bed of my buddy's pickup and pissed my pants while he was out "running the back roads"... nah, can't say I've seen or heard THAT one before Pete ;)

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And, I want my own portable loo too :)

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