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Worried it's the beginning of the end

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My Mom's left foot has been swollen off and on for the last week. The swelling seems to be getting a little worse and it is travelling a little up her leg, their is no pain and no redness. My Dad has called the gyn/oncologist twice and she seems unconcerned. This really p*sses me off. I think Mom needs to have an ultrasound.
I know a few have posted their mom's started to swell as they were getting really sick.
Mom is a very tiny 90lbs, yet she has maintained this weight since October. Today she offered me her summer wardrobe since it no longer fits. I did not and will not take it. I am worried she is waving the white flag. I want her to believe she will wear them again. I just said if i take all of her clothes then what will she wear next summer? Mom responded well i was saying you could borrow them.
I feel very defeated tonight :( I would like Mom to get a bit of good news. I want the damn doxil to work and mom to have a really wonderful summer. I want them to take out the tumor and tell mom it's not going to come back. I want to go for a bike ride and a long walk with Mom like we used to and to swim together. I want to bake cookies together, i want to have conversations that don't revolve around this damn disease. Mostly, I want mom to feel peace and happiness and to live to be an old woman.
I don't want to hear that this chemo didn't work either and now she has to try a fourth line treatment. If this disease has to take her then I want the angels to greet her while she is sleeping.
And for once i want God to listen to my prayers and to answer them for Mom and for all of you too.

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she may dvt,call your primary Dr. and get her in. Try elevating her legs for awhile. I pray things will be fine..val

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aaawww hun, I can relate totally to this, we have been lucky the doxil is working for now , but it made mum really sick after the first infusion, to the point she said I don't want to carry on if this is what it is going to be like.I was devastated :( she then ended up in hospital for a few days, it was awful , they gave her steroids and since then she has been ok.
If only we could make all this go away , I went out to lunch with mum a couple of weeks ago at our local pub , it was bliss, to do something normal and have my mum, so I know where you are coming from, its awful.
Val suggestion about elevating your mums legs is a good one , my mums ankles have swollen to , I think it is to do with the chemo , the liver can't process it well and it causes the ankles to swell, if I remember rightly that is what mums onc said to her.Get your mum to elevate her legs a few times a day or as often as she can , but try and make sure they are above her heart.
I hope this helps , keep in touch xxxx Liz xxxx

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Although I don't like seeing people self-subscribe anything, I have worn prescription-grade compression socks now for the past 2 years and they work wonders on ankle swelling. BUT, (BUT!) it is important to know the reason for the swelling. (I did eventaully see a lymphodema specialist to get expert advise.) So many of us have multiple lymph nodes removed during our debulking and then adjuvant radiation of some remaining lymph nodes and most that have compromised their lymph system this way can expect some lymphodema. If that's what it is, compression garments early on can keep this in check. And they make your legs feel so much better!

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Kelly, don't jump to conclusions. It sounds like lymphedema to me, which my mother has been managing for two years. Most of the lymph nodes in the pelvic area are removed during debulking surgery, and if the "pump" system then fails you get fluid accumulation in the feet and legs. Breast cancer survivors often get it in their arms. Initially Mom got it in both legs, but in the long run it's the left that needs close attention.

We were able to find a lymphedma specialist thank goodness -- they are specially trained physical therapists. Getting it under control involves elevation, compression, and massage. It's a problem, but it can be managed. Hope that's what it is, because lymphedema is not cancer!

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same way as you.

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My feet and ankles swelled up horribly when I was on Doxil. That may be why your moms gyne/onc is not concerned, as it can be a common side effect of that drug. I felt like I had elephant feet! It got so bad, I couldn't walk without pain.

I tried to stay off of my feet for a few days after treatment, wore 'clog' like shoes that didn't rub or constrict my feet, elevated my feet when I could, and iced my feet during and after each Doxil treatment. That seemed to really help with the swelling.

Of course, you can insist on a doctors appointment if you are worried. Here is a link for some of the side effects of Doxil


Good luck!

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Christine B.
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If it is lymphedema, I have heard from others in my support group that this is something the gyn doesn't always know a lot about. They also said it's important to catch early before it gets out of hand. I don't know much about it but I was given a brochure with this information:
Tightness, swelling, or thickening in any body part, usually an extremity. Initially will fluctuate.
Feeling of heaviness and/or aching of the extremity
Decreased comfort wearing rings, jewelry, watches, or clothing that previously fit well
Decreased ability to perform normal activities of daily living

Why should it be treated?
Decreased mobility of limb
Loss of function
Loss of strength
Recurrent infections
Skin breakdown

Evaluation and Education
Skin care and Hygiene
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Multilayered Bandaging
Compression Therapy
Therapeutic Exercises
Home exercise Program

The brochure I have is from Scripps La Jolla medical and the program looks to be within the physical and occupational therapy dept.

Hope this helps!

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