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The Doctornaut Act -How we can help improve the way we find cures in America.

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First, on behalf of the foundation, let me say God Bless, to all of the survivors and caregivers out there. It is an amazing thing to come through such a harrowing experience. We know the struggles that patients and their families go through, and it is our primary purpose as an organization to improve the way we handle healthcare in this country to make new and better treatments possible.
We are visiting this message board today to raise awareness about the problems in our current system, and the many roadblocks standing in the way of developing new medicines to treat diseases such as cancer.
Here is an excerpt from one of Dr. DeFelice's Commentaries, which can be found the foundation's website, at fimdefelice.org:

"David Dilts, Director of Clinical Research of the Knight Cancer Center Institute, reported last year that opening a phase III cooperative group trial requires an average of 2.5 years to accommodate 118 decision points, complete more than 769 process steps, and receive approval up to 36 separate groups and individuals. Whether many of these steps improve trial quality or patient safety is doubtful."

To learn more about the barriers that both prevent the development of new medicines and sharply increase the costs of those that do come through trials - and to learn what you can do to help, please visit us at http://www.fimdefelice.org

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