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Stomach cancer

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Hi All,

Actually my Aunti has Stomach cancer. now she is in lost stage.

I want to know that whether her childrans also get the same stomach cancer in future and her daughter is doing all the help to her mother (Cleaning her body totally and washing clothes).is there any problem like getting the problem to daughter?

Please help me on this.

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Stomach cancer is not contagious. Cancer is usually passed from one generation to the next, meaning the gene is hereditary. Will her children have it? Don't know. My grandmother died of stomach cancer, but none of her 13 children had stomach cancer. 1 of her daughters died of bone cancer, and 1 of cervical cancer. And none of my grandmother's grandchildren, except for my sister have had stomach cancer. It increases the risk of her children developing some type of cancer, and that of any other decsendants such as grandchildren. But no, you can NOT get cancer from caring for someone who is diagnosed with cancer.

Hope this helps!

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First of all, I am very sorry to hear about your Aunt.

savawolf is correct, cancer is not contagious. There is genetic testing available for some of the cancers (maybe all, but I am not sure) where they can tell if you have a higher than normal probability of getting that type of cancer. Also, with respect to stomach cancer, there are other factors that would indicate that you should be tested periodically. They believe that people who suffer from acid reflux have a higher than normal chance of getting stomach cancer (along with esophogeal cancer). There is also a greater chance if you have a diet high in salt, smoked foods, pickled foods and/or poorly preserved foods. They can do endoscopies and also blood antigen tests for three different antigens that could indicate stomach cancer (similar to the PSA test they do for men for prostrate cancer). Although the blood testing for stomach cancer is not 100% accurate, it is better than nothing.

In addition, early detection of stomach cancer is CRUCIAL to beating it as it is extremely aggressive and there are not that many different kinds of chemos that have been developed to battle it. According to all of the research me and my family and friends did (my husband passed away this year from stomach cancer at age 54), the Japanese have the best success rate in beating stomach cancer due to early detection and treatment. They really educate and endorse the early detection through blood testing and edoscopies (much like PSA testing for men here in the US) because it is/was the number one cancer of Asian males.

I hope this helps you. Take care and I wish peace for you, your Aunt and your families.

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My 32 y/o sister went to the ER 6 weeks ago and the docs suspected pancreatic issues. She had her gall bladder removed and sent her home. Within a few days, she was still just in unbearable pain and vomiting constantly that her husband took her back. Ultrasound, MRI, CT, Colonoscopy and blood testing showed nothing. An endoscope found a large, cancerous tumor in her stomach and additional biopsy showed that it had spread to the lymphatic system. She saw the oncologist yesterday and he confirmed it is stage 4. The plan is to install a port in her chest and start chemo within the next 2 weeks. I live in Colorado and she is Nevada, so I can't be with her as much as I feel like I need to be, but I was able to spend last week with her. She has 2 sons, 10 and 4 y/o and a very wonderful husband who is so overwhelmed with all of this. My baby sis has never smoked, used drugs and very rarely drank alcohol. She's an such an amazing, giving person - such a beautiful soul who you would be blessed to know. It is unfathomable how this evil disease was able to invade her body so quickly and destructively. She is in unbelievable pain as the tumor is pushing on her lungs and back. Pain meds don't seem to dent the pain, and she is so nauseated - vomiting 95% of what she drinks or eats. I feel so helpless and hopeless, and spending time with her last week, I can see that she doesn't seem to have a lot of fight left in her. Even though she has only recently been diagnosed, it's such a serious, advanced stage of cancer, I'm terrified that she isn't going to beat this.
Thank you for listening. I just found this site and have been reading through the stomach cancer forums all day. I wanted to post my situation and hope that I can get to know some of you who are living with, survivors of and loved ones who are coping with this evil,evil disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, hoping that you are feeling okay today, and expecting and experiencing miracles.

Sarahs friend
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I am only on this site because I was looking for information on your sister's cancer to see if there was anything that would be of help to her. I saw your posting and knew immediately who you were because I've been aware of all of these horrific events. I know her through Calvary Chapel Spring Valley. I have watched the boys for them a few times and have been up to the hospital to visit. Periodically, I get updates from her husband. I am so sorry that she is going through this - you are so right she is such a beautful person. We are all praying for her and her family and will certainly include you in our prayers. If you want to talk, ask her husband for my phone number - Tell him I'm her older friend who shares her birthday to verify who I am.

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