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living strong living well program

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I am starting this with the YMCA. I am not sure how far this has spread. This particular program is through Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.
It will be a great to get back into shape!


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I participated in this 12 week exercise program through my local YMCA. My last class was in mid-April. We were about a dozen people. Men and women. Various cancer diagnoses. Some were currently in treatment and others were survivors. It was at least 2 days a week that I was committed to exercising. It was nice being with other cancer survivors/patients since they knew what could be expected of you. I recommend it for any of us who have become deconditioned because of the disease itself or its treatment.


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I did this program in Santa Ynez Calif about 5 years ago and I LOVED it!Not just that it was free and included a personal trainer and a program designed for each participant, but that all of the features of the YMCA were available to me. I could swim, dance, do "whatever" as long as I was there for the 12 week Well-Fit program. It is a great esteem builder, and of course great for our treatment-tired bodies! Have fun!!!!!!


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