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cancer predicter

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Does anyone know of any studies done to find out if those that have been diagnosed with skin cancer are at greater risk for any cancer later on in life? I am not talking about metastasis...I am talking about as we age are immune system weakens and could skin cancer be a sign of the body's lessened ability to kill cancer cells which then first appear as skin cancer and later on other cancers.

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sorry, no. but i had skin melonoma in 1996 and now i have a lump on my pubic bone and i am very worried about it. i have dr apt tomorrow.

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I can answer your question in an opposite way. Between 2004-2010 I had three recurrences of bcc in my face. I'm NED for the front of my face but not my side of my face at the moment.
In Feb this year I was diagnosed with early stage esophageal cancer Stage 0. My grandmother died of EC. I am slowly getting off treatment for that. I can't for the life of me remember which of my doctors said this, but during my treatment for ec I was told my immune system would be low and leave me more suspectible to another skin cancer.
For the last 4 weeks I've noticed a scaly lump on my lower back and am going in to get it checked out this week. It looks exactly like my face looked, so it wouldn't suprise me if it was a bcc or scc again.
I'm only 35

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