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Is there a color now?

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Not that this is the most important topic when dealing with anal cancer, but do we have a color that represents us now? I just participated in my first Relay for Life, where they were giving away 'colored' balloons to survivors. Clueless, I went with yellow because it represents sunshine.

Pluh-eeeeeease don't tell me it's brown.

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Angela, if I ever get to vote, it will NOT be for brown! :) I don't think anal cancer has a color yet. A long time ago I suggested a ribbon that was an animal print, like leopard or tiger, representing something really strong. As we all know now, this disease is not for the weak! I hope you are doing well!

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Hi Angela and MARTHA :)

I love that you picked yellow for that reason!! I've been involved in Relay for the last couple of years. My understanding is purple is the universal cancer color for all those cancers that don't have their own team yet :)! I DEFINITELY agree that Brown should not be it! Thanks for the smile!!!

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I was just thinking the other day that there are walks and runs, etc., for breast cancer, yet hardly anyone knows about our group. How do I go about getting organized in my town? Melodie

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I agree with you on the animal print for the ribbons ,'NO BROWN'.And this is not a disease for the weak.We had to be strong We need a good color.We need something that stands out .And what are your plans for the summer?...Shirley

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From 2003 to 2006 I did a lot of searching for different types of cancer and their ribbon colors. Although Anal cancer is not the same as colon cancer the same color Royal blue was used on many sites. Colon cancer is listed as Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Jade or Dark Blue depending on which site you look at. Yellow is the color for Hope and also for bladder cancer but I like the association made with sunshine.

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The Gift shop in the hospital where I received my treatment had a chart on the counter listing all the colors and related cancers. A dark blue was shown for us. However, one site I visited cited brown as our color. NO!! I hate brown and besides, that would just be cruel.

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I agree - no brown for us! Hmmm, maybe we could have a multi colored ribbon???


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There is a multicolored ribbon for ALL cancers. I just ordered one. I quess I will wear it for all people with cancer! Lorie

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