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Combining SIR-Spheres with Xeloda to treat liver cancer with

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potential to be applied to CRC liver mets, hopefully.....This is now being tried with liver cancer:www.genengnews.com/keywordsandtools/print/2/119547725/

Fox Chase Cancer Center is involved with this Phase I study

(Lots more coming from ASCO convention)

PS:the address I gave above may no longer be valid; website(genengnews.com) is tho. Title was
"Fox Chase Cancer Center Study Evaluating the Safety of Concurrent Chemotherapy and Selective Internal Radiation Therapy.........."

There are some other interesting items pertaining to CRC on current home page, as of this morning, when I just looked, to double check what I wrote.

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I was gonna make a love link but your URL doesn't work anymore and I couldn't find the article at genengnews or at FoxChase :(

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longer able to access it again....It might prove an interesting read for those with liver mets,tho implementation won't be too soon it seems; same with a vaccine or nanotech-nothing
right around the corner yet.....There is research being conducted all over the world tho not nearly enough!!!!! thanks for trying to link; i couldn't even locate item on that site but looks like Blake below did........

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