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Dad diagnosed with Throat Cancer 4A

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Hello. My name is August. I am new to this site and would like for all and any to help me better understand what is going on with my dad. He has throat cancer was going through his treatments and then he got sick. Chemo and radiation did not affect him, whereas, making him sick...He is a real trooper. He did not have any hair on his head and now he does...I thought that to be weird. He had to have 35 radiation txs and 7 chemo txs. He got to the end of his txs and then he got sick. He has been in the hospital since May 9; the day before his birthday... It has been a trying experience...Not knowing from day to day....

I was at the hospital with him today and he was somewhat talking in his sleep....Not sure what that was about either.....

Thanks for being here!!

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First and foremost, Welcome to the Forum...great place, tons of information, awesome people.

You mention that your father is sick and has been sick. What specifically have they determined, sick has a lot of meanings. Is he de-hydrated, not eating, having some reaction....?

Also, as for the talking in his sleep, that could be anything...meds, fatigue, sub-conscious stress...more than likely nothing serious.


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