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New Symptoms

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My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer that had already spread to the brain by the time of the diagnosis. There is one spot on his upper left lung and one spot on his brain. Both spots are only approx. 2 cm. They started him on steriods for the swelling of the brain. He is now having blurred vision and breaking out in a sweat. We know the blurred vision is a side effect to the steriod. Does anyone know if the sweating is a side effect to the steriods or a symptom from the cancer?

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If you can locate an accurate spelling of the name of the steroid, you can put it in a google search along with the term "side effects". I look up medicines all the time. (example: "Zyrtec D"+"side effects") Then I click on some of the articles that come up. Some are almost too medical for me to understand. Some don't have exactly what I'm looking for. But usually I find a list of side effects that tell me what I want to know. You could also try the name of the medicine + sweating. That might work even better. Don't be surprised if it leads you back to this very board! I've seen that happen too!

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Hello~ My Mom had really bad sweating as well somewhat like HOT flashes her upper lip was beading along her forehead and I believe it all was from the Decadron. I remember clearly at the consultation for the 1st time with the Oncologists office it was happening.
It did subside as they slowly decreased her dosage.
However, she didn't have blurred vision she had her perifferal vision effected do to the size of her brain tumor and that came back after that was removed. Also I do tell everybody that its a rare side effect, but they also put her on Keppra its a anti seizure med. to prevent her from having one. It caused her to be extremely jaundice and be put in the hospital for a wk. It's just one of the common drugs that is given and alot of the Doc's are not aware of this rare side effect so I tell everybody.
My prayers are with you and your husband...

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