AML m4

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I was recently DX with amlm4 I have done induction chemo and am about to start consolidation chemo. Just wondering if any one else out there with this type has any stories to share on coping. Also if any one has been to the Dana Farber center in boston would love to hear stories about that. Thanks


  • OllieD
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    Hi -
    Currently in remission from AML M4 I got last December,andhave been through induction and three rounds of chemo. Have decided to go with chemo and not transplant at this time. Was treated at DF from the start and still continuing for my maintenance. Hard decision on SCT or Chemo influence by age (70), match (excellent), health (good), and general belief of quality of life. Love DF and all personal who work there. Would be happy to go into greater detail after I know a little about you.

    Congrats on getting through induction - consolidation for me was nothing compared to induction. No side effects to mention, and if anything was somewhat bored with whole 5 day process. Trust about to have Hickmann removed so can take a shower again without covering half my chest with plastic. Now only need to go to DF cancer center once a month and don't miss those two visits a week I have been going through.

    Good luck with your consolidation. If I can be of any assistance, let me know.