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Xeloda after 2nd Stage II colon cancer resection

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This is my first post. I tried doing a search for "Xeloda" on this Discussion Board, but that was taking too much time. There is more information on my "About Me" page, but I wanted to quickly post my question, as it's way past my bedtime!

Has anyone had to decide between six months of Xeloda and surveillance after a recurrence of Stage II (descending) colon cancer, and a 2nd resection? If so, would you mind sharing your experience? Should it recur, is there even a possibility of another resection, or would more drastic measures have to be taken?

Thank you, and have a blessed night (or day).

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I would question why they didn't remove the colon and provide
an Ileostomy in the first place.

Each time they open the abdomin and mess around inside,
they give way to adhesions and hernias, both of which can
be worse than the cancer.

And..... once there's an abundance of adhesions and hernias),
it makes it more difficult (if not impossible), for future operations
to be successful.

It might be a good idea to locate another surgeon, out of the
"loop" and even out of the area, and get another opinion regarding
the "next step". Being resected as many times as that, within
such a short time-frame, is neither normal or good.

My opinion, of course.

I have colon cancer 3c/4, no colon, 1/2 small intestine, an
Ileostomy, and what's known as a "short bowel syndrome".
I, however, feel I have been very far from "blessed".......

I wish you better health !!


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Thank you for sharing your insight and for the good wishes. This is all very new to me, as I've never known anyone who had colon cancer.

I am very sorry to hear of what you've endured, and hope the support of this wonderful group has been helpful to you. Perhaps God led me to this place to be a blessing to others by encouraging and praying for them as I continue on my own journey.



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Nana b
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Welcome Suzy

I hope that it all works out for you! This is the place to be to get answers. Ask away! Chat with you soon!

Big Hug!

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Please read my response to B Peach for an update.

Blessings to you,


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I am new here too--and new to cancer. I just had my first surgery for colon cancer--stage IIa on March 21. I'm still learning the lingo so am supposing this is referred to as a "resection?" Anyway, I had 2/3 of my colon and appendix removed.

So your cancer returned--is that what you are saying? And it sounds like you are trying to decide between another resection (more colon removed) or chemo treatment?

I'd definitely get at least one other opinion from a colon cancer oncologist--just to see what he/she says. To me, it would be a tough decision. I had to decide between chemo or no chemo after my surgery and I've opted for none. I'll just be monitored.

How long has it been since your last resection and did you have chemo and/or radiation before?

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Thank you for your comments.

I had my first resection in June, 2009 - Stage II (about 2 feet of colon removed); the oncologist was satisfied with the surgeon's plan to follow up with me for a year, so chemo was not recommended. I was monitored every 3 months for a year by my surgeon. During that year, all tests were negative for cancer, including the one-year follow-up colonoscopy in July, 2010.

Then, in February of 2011, I had one symptom of a recurrence - bright red blood. I immediately requested a colonoscopy, which confirmed the recurrence (new tumor at site of 2009 resection surgery). So I had a 2nd resection at the end of March, in which another 5" of my colon was removed.

Again, Stage II; but this time the surgeon told me I was in a "gray area" regarding follow-up treatment, so I talked with the oncologist, who told me she could only give me information to consider in making my decision; but she could not make a strong recommendation for or against chemo for me. After much research, soul-searching, fasting and prayer - I have decided to forego the chemo (Xeloda in pill form) and rely on "surveillance" as before.

Some new tests had been developed between the time of my first surgery and my second. I opted to have them done, but in my case, the test results didn't help with making the decision. It feels more like taking a gamble than making a decision. No matter - I am at peace with the decision I've made, as I haven't felt God urging me to have the chemo, and the time window to be able to begin it will soon be past.

I wish you the best, and would be very interested to hear more of your experience. I will pray that you will not experience any recurrence - but I would advise you to pay close attention to your body. After that one symptom I had in mid-February, there was nothing else to indicate that anything was wrong before I had surgery at the end of March. And my recurrence was only 7 months after my "clean" colonoscopy, at which time I was given instructions to have my next colonoscopy in 2 years - July, 2012.

You will learn much on this discussion board, so stay in touch.

Best to you!


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